Online Educator Training Program Application

Before submitting your application for the Kopa Birth® Online Educator Training Program, please read the information on this page carefully.

Kopa Birth® offers a Training Program, not a Certification Program

The Kopa Birth® Online Training Program is intended to train childbirth educators in the use of the Kopa Birth® curriculum.  It is not a childbirth education certification program.  After completion of the program, educators can use the title “Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructor.”  There are no certified Kopa Birth® instructors, nor does Kopa Birth® offer additional credentials for certified educators.

Kopa Birth® Educator FAQ

Kopa Birth® Wants Passionate Educators Like You!

Kopa Birth® seeks to build a community of childbirth educators that represent the best of quality and professionalism.  Your application should reflect how you are striving to develop the following characteristics in your practice:

  • Professionalism – I understand and comply with my scope of practice as a childbirth educator.  I strive to build a business that exceeds industry standards for childbirth education.
  • Team Player – I value and uphold the role of other birth professionals, including doulas, nurses, midwives, and doctors.
    My classroom teaching reflects positivity about the role of medical professionals in the birth process.
  • Objective – I strive for the information I present to be evidence-based and factual. I avoid motivating by fear, and instead instill confidence in a couple’s own ability to make informed choices during pregnancy and birth.
  • Open-Minded – I believe that the ideal birth can look different for every couple.  I strive to empower couples with the confidence to advocate for whatever birth they desire, whether that be a medicated or unmedicated birth.
  • Motivated to Learn – I am eager to continue to learn and improve my classroom teaching.  I strive to include the most current, relevant research in my presentations.

Application Submission Requirements

There is not cost to apply. Your application to participate in the Kopa Birth® Online Educator Training Program must include the following submissions, as described in the application below:

Contact Info

Required Documents

After your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive a statement to submit the $499 payment for the Online Educator Training Program.  Once the payment has been received, you will receive immediate access to begin the training program.  Educators can begin teaching Kopa Birth® group and private classes immediately upon completion of the Online Training Program.