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Welcome to Confident Childbirth of Athens, GA — a local division of Kopa Birth®! If your goal is a low-intervention natural childbirth, Confident Childbirth of Athens is here to help support you. Our comprehensive natural childbirth classes will offer you the education and tools you need to approach birth with confidence.

In the Athens area, group classes are taught at ReBlossom Mama & Baby Center located at 220 N Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30601.

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All Kopa Birth® classes are taught by trained, Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructors. They teach using the Kopa Birth® curriculum and resources.

To register, you will be directed to the website of your local Kopa Birth® Independent Instructor. Here you will view pricing, schedules, and register for your course. Most instructors require a course deposit.

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Your schedule, Your home, Your Style
  • Option 1: 1, 3 hour class
  • Option 2: 2, 3 hour classes
  • Option 3: 1, 7 hour class
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Wherever, whenever, ultimate convenience
  • Video-based classes
  • Online equivalent of the 4-Week Course
  • Fun & engaging
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Pamela Sauls, Confident Childbirth of Athens
Pamela Sauls
CCE, Doula

Pam offers Intensive & private childbirth classes in Athens, GA.

Katie Griffin Kopa Prepared Online Course
Katie Griffin

Katie is the instructor for the KOPA® Prepared Online Childbirth Course series.

Nikki Reeves, Kopa Birth Instructor
Nikki Reeves

Nikki offers the 4-Week Course in the Walton County, GA area.

Confident Childbirth of Athens couples receive exclusive online practice videos & downloads

Couples who register for group or private childbirth classes through Confident Childbirth of Athens are provided access to log in to the Kopa Birth® online learning system. View practice videos and download audio tracks to enhance your live childbirth class instruction.

  • Register for your natural childbirth class

    After you register for your course, your instructor will create an online account for you through Kopa Birth®. At that point, you will verify your email and set your password. Your instructor will provide instructions as needed.

  • Log In

    Visit and log in at “MY KOPA.” Even before you take your first class, you can view introductory videos and start practicing with relaxation audiotracks.

  • Return after each class

    Visit your course dashboard after each class. Each week you can access new videos to reinforce that week’s class instruction.

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Kopa Birth Testimonials – Athens, GA

Well Prepared, Happy Couples

“At 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant, I woke up around 5am for yet another trip to the bathroom. As I climbed back into bed, I felt and heard an internal “pop” – almost like someone snapped a rubber band. Within seconds m pants were wet. I woke up my husband, Ryan, and told him that I thought my water had just broken. He asked me if I was sure I hadn’t just peed on myself. I stood up next to… ” READ MORE

Jane & Ryan

“We are so glad we took the Confident Childbirth class with all of you. It gave us the tools we needed to have our baby naturally. Here’s our story…We had a visit with our midwife at the doctor’s office on January 3rd and I was already 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced so we knew labor would likely start soon. Our midwife swept my membranes as well. I was having mild contractions…” READ MORE

Amanda & Matt

“I can not say enough super things about your class!!! It helped us reach our goal of an unmedicated childbirth! I never got a chance to let you know how well my delivery went and to also thank you for doing a wonderful job teaching us. I could not have done it without your class! At 9:45PM I started timing the “cramps” on my iPhone app because they seemed regular and my back was..” READ MORE


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Confident Childbirth of Athens is a division of Kopa Birth®
The prenatal bundle offers addition classes to supplement your athens ga natural childbirth class


Confident Childbirth of Athens couples can also enroll in the $59 Prenatal Bundle. Includes Kopa® Meal Plans, Prenatal Fitness Program, Baby Wearing Basics Class, and more!

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Visit the Kopa Birth Blog, in addition to your local athens ga natural childbirth class


Visit the Kopa Birth® Blog to explore a wide range of subjects, from breastfeeding to cord clamping. The blog is a great way to add to what you’re learning in your Confident Childbirth of Athens birthing class!

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Prepare for a natural birth or natural hospital birth in athens, ga


Confident Childbirth of Athens is the premiere choice for couples who are preparing for a natural hospital birth. Learn why a natural hospital birth requires extra preparation for both you and your partner.

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