5 Best Childbirth Classes Online (& Which is Right For You)

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5 Best Childbirth Classes Online

Are you feeling overwhelmed with choices when it comes to childbirth classes online?  It’s great to have options, but it’s important to feel confident that time and money aren’t wasted. Childbirth classes online are an investment that have the potential to change your whole approach to labor and childbirth.  Just as each mom and partner have unique goals for their birth, each of the childbirth classes online offers a different approach to birth prep.

Where you invest your money, time and birth-prep focus is no small decision! So we’re going to help you narrow the field and give you an overview of the very best natural childbirth classes online, and which one is right for you.

Review of the 5 Best (Natural) Childbirth Classes Online:

Online Birthing Class #1: Kopa Birth®Childbirth classes online 1 - Kopa Birth

The Kopa Birth® online childbirth course is right for you if you want a natural hospital birth.

Kopa Birth® offers both quality and value when it comes to childbirth classes online.  In addition to having an affordable enrollment fee, Kopa Birth® classes offer practical, hands-on tools and advice for natural birth. A Kopa Birth® education is balanced, comprehensive, and engaging to watch.  As a registered nurse, Lamaze-certified educator, and mother of six, your Kopa Birth® instructor offers both experience and evidence.  Portions of the class focus specifically on preparing couples for a low-intervention birth in a hospital setting.  This will prepare you to communicate well with your doctor or midwife and to make choices informed about hospital-based interventions.

Subjects this Course Covers:
  • The benefits of relaxation in labor
  • Guided imagery
  • The birth process
  • Lamaze-style breathing techniques
  • What to expect in each stage of labor
  • Pushing positions & techniques
  • Natural hospital birth footage
  • Labor positions & sensory techniques
  • Medications, cesareans, and labor inductions
  • Benefits and risk of common hospital labor interventions
  • Birth plans
  • Mock labor experience
The Plus course offers additional classes in the following subjects:
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Prenatal fitness
  • Hypno-style relaxation triggers
  • Newborn babywearing basics

3-7 month online access (varies based on course selection)



Kopa Birth Pros:

Affordable, hospital-friendly natural birth curriculum, mock labor experience, money-back guarantee

Kopa Birth Cons:

Offers no instruction on home birth or birth center births

Kopa Birth childbirth classes online benefits

Childbirth Classes Online #2: Birth Boot CampChildbirth classes online 2 - Birth Boot Camp

The Birth Boot Camp online birthing class is right for you if you want flexibility and customized class options.

As the name suggests, Birth Boot Camp is an interactive course that centers around a military theme.  After registration is complete, you will have access to the childbirth classes online for three months. The “Comprehensive Childbirth Classes” bundle offers 10 classes than run 25 hours long, so give yourself plenty of time to complete the course.  In addition to the online course, you will receive a breastfeeding video and a home study packet, or “field manual”.  The talk-show style format of the classes is entertaining and easy to watch.  The website boasts a simple layout and user-friendly format.

Subjects the “Comprehensive Childbirth Classes” Bundle Covers:
  • Exercises and pelvic floor health
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Variations of labor
  • Comfort Measures
  • Birth Plans
  • Parenting a newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • Relaxation
Or you can purchase mini-courses that cover the following subjects:
  • Hospital birth
  • Birth center or home birth
  • Food and fitness
  • Comfort measures

3 month online access, 10 classes



Birth Boot Camp Pros:

Extensive breastfeeding help, thematic childbirth education

Birth Boot Camp Cons:

Instructors are childbirth educators, but have little to no medical training

Online Childbirth Classes #3: LamazeChildbirth Classes Online 3 - Lamaze

The Lamaze E-Learning online childbirth class is right for you if you want quality on a price-sensitive budget.

Lamaze childbirth classes online are always a “safe” option; the Lamaze method has definitely been around for a while and is highly trusted by most healthcare providers.  With the Lamaze E-Learning series, you can find an online parent education platform where you can register for classes within any of the five categories; enrollment fees are considerably less due to this format.

Lamaze e-learning classes are purchased individually or as a bundle to cover the following subjects:
  • Pregnancy
    • How to prepare for pregnancy
    • Sex during pregnancy
  • Labor & Birth
    • Labor pain management
    • Steps for a safe and healthy birth
    • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
  • Breastfeeding
    • Breastfeeding basics
  • Baby Care
    • Bringing baby home
  • Parenting
    • Parenting together

1 year online access


$29.95 per mini class

Lamaze E-Learing Pros:

A la carte class menu for a smaller registration fee

Lamaze E-Learning Cons:

Lack of one-on-one connection since there is no instructor

Online Birthing Classes #4: Mama NaturalChildbirth Classes Online 4 - Mama Natural

The Mama Natural Birth online course is right for you if you are having a natural birth in a birth center.

Mama Natural birth is a childbirth online class that aims to empower women to have their best, most natural birth. It’s an offshoot of the Mama Natural blog, which features information about natural living. The founder Genevieve is lively and encouraging while her co-host, Maura, is passionate about all things natural birth. The course material is divided into eight classes, with a couple of bonus classes available depending on your subscription.  MotherHealth, a midwifery clinic in Uganda, receives 10% of all profit from Mama Natural childbirth online classes.

Subjects this Course Covers:
  • How to avoid interventions in labor
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments
  • Exercises to position baby and prepare your body
  • Practical tools to achieve a peaceful birth
  • How to find a labor support team
  • How to pick the best birthing location for you

One year online access, 8 classes



Mama Natural Pros:

Facebook community, high focus on natural birth, money-back guarantee

Mama Natural Cons:

The hosts are occasionally negative about hospitals, doctors, and interventions not viewed as natural

Childbirth Classes Online #5: Pain to Powerchildbirth classes online 5 - Power to Pain

The Pain to Power online childbirth class is right for you if you want to reframe your emotional outlook and find pleasure in birth.

Pain to Power offers motivating and inspiring childbirth online classes to help couples positively prepare for childbirth. Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s mission is to show women that there is more to childbirth than just pain; there is pleasure and power to be discovered and experienced.  In addition to her 25 years of experience as a birth worker, Debra is also an expert on the subject of orgasmic birth.  Although an orgasmic birth might seem odd concept to wrap your mind around, consider it a course focused on pleasure instead of pain.

Subjects this Course Covers:
  • Access to “Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret” documentary
  • How to reframe your perceptions of birth
  • Birth hormones
  • Labor support
  • Positive birth stories and videos
  • Comfort techniques in labor (touch, rebozo, acupressure, dance, music, etc.)
  • Communication in labor and how to create a safe, private birthing environment



1 year online access, 9 classes

Pain to Power Pros:

Unlimited email support for 1 year, 6 week postpartum “babymoon” plan

Pain to Power Cons:

Some might feel uncomfortable with subject of orgasmic birth

Although decision-making can sometimes be difficult, don’t procrastinate your preparation!  Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare both physically and mentally for labor and childbirth.  Not only will adequate preparation instill more confidence, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you gave the labor and birth experience your all.

Kopa Birth’s online childbirth classes allow you to prepare for a natural childbirth from the comfort of your own home, 24/7. Enroll today in our free online childbirth class to learn more about preparing for a natural hospital birth.