How to Achieve A Low-Intervention Natural Birth In A Hospital

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Click below to get started on your FREE, hour-long online birthing class. This class dives into labor coping tools and reveals the proven framework that is helping thousands of women overcome their fear of labor pain to achieve the unmedicated hospital birth they desire.

Click above to get started on your FREE, hour-long online birthing class. This class dives into labor coping tools and reveals the proven framework that is helping thousands of women overcome their fear of labor pain to achieve the unmedicated hospital birth they desire.

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What's Included in the Class?

Relaxation 101

Learn about deep relaxation in this free online birthing class

The ability to relax your muscles as much as possible during contractions is fundamental to a positive natural birth. Learn easy, practical ways to release tension and stay calm, even during contractions.

Guided Imagery for Labor

Learn about guided imagery in this free online birthing class

Guided imagery audio tracks are a helpful and easy way to practice relaxation at home. Get started by sampling tracks such as “The White Light” imagery and our progressive relaxation script.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Tap into your power

How to labor coping tools enable you to birth with power and confidence by supporting your body’s innate ability to manage labor pain

The proven birth framework

How to apply a proven framework used by thousands of moms to simplify birth preparation and overcome the most common hurdles

Three dominant fears

How to see beyond the three dominant fears which weaken your confidence and prevent you from achieving a positive, empowering natural birth

Introduction to relaxation

Practice a foundational pain-coping tool — deep relaxation. Learn why and how relaxation during labor will transform your birth experience.

Trusted by 20,000+ women when preparing for a low-intervention natural birth in a hospital.

Nina V.
Palatine, IL
Read More
I was able to deliver my daughter without any pain medication and felt prepared to do so. Knowledge is power.
Jenny M.
Atlanta, GA
Read More
I had a terrific experience learning different ways to manage labor pain and what to expect in a natural birth at the hospital.
Julie S.
Port Byron, IL
Read More
Kopa birth was instrumental in helping me have a successful natural birth. I had so many tools to cope with pain naturally and I understood everything the doctors had me go through.
Rachael L.
Atlanta, GA
Read More
I felt emotionally prepared to deal with the pain and the emotional toll of labor.
Susan S.
Dahlonega, GA
Read More
Learning that labor pain is purposeful allowed me to understand that it was a positive thing, not a negative.
Brenna N.
Spokane, WA
Read More
Learning about the difference between pain when something is wrong vs pain when something is going right was hugely helpful in setting my mind at ease, both prior to and during labor.
Jason L.
Denver, PA
Read More
My wife had excellent tools to rely on throughout a long labor. Doing the course together gave me an excellent understanding of what to expect.
Brittany H.
Wake Forest, NC
Read More
I don't know if I would have labored so smoothly and without much fear both times if it weren't for what I learned in Kopa birth. I've told every soon to be mama I know about it!
Sarah M.
Halifax, NS
Read More
After a previous c-section and a previous vbac with epidural, this course gave me the skills I needed to cope with the pain of labour and have a successful unmedicated birth!
Jane S.
Haddon Heights, NJ
Read More
I wanted to try medication free and be fully present for the birth. Without the class I would not have been able to manage the pain as well.
Nikolett C.
Ober Urdorf, Switzerland
Read More
"I was able to manage labor pain unmedicated, and have a beautiful natural birth. 🙂 Thank you Katie again!"
Lindsay E.
Lillington, NC
Read More
I was given all the tools to manage pain and knew what to expect.
Lauren B.
Read More
It helped me to manage discomfort during labor far better than I would've thought possible.
Amanda O.
Charlotte, NC
Read More
Not only did I feel more prepared to manage labor pain, but I felt empowered as a woman, my husband felt empowered as a husband for labor.
Roswell, GA
Read More
I felt very prepared going into labor with taking this course. It was invaluable to understand the stages of labor and then be able to identify that during the process. This absolutely reduced fear.
Emily F.
Atlanta, GA
Read More
The techniques helped! We had a very strange and drawn out labor. We ended up employing several of the techniques we learned!
Chepachet, RI
Read More
With the breathing techniques and other pain management strategies, I was able to have an unmedicated birth at a hospital.
Heather M.
Chicago, IL
Read More
The pain management tools absolutely prepare you to be confident enough to have a natural hospital birth.
Brittany S.
Stafford, TX
Read More
The birth course was incredibly helpful for me and particularly my husband in preparing for the birth and in helping me manage the labor pains.
Jamie T.
Las Vegas, NV
Read More
I was able to use the breathing and manage my labor pain well.
Veronica I.
San Jose, CA
Read More
The course helped us both tremendously during labor! I had back labor. I would recommend to everyone!
Jessica H.
Lawrenceville, GA
Read More
The course gives several methods to manage labor and delivery, not just one. You never know until you're in it which method will work for you, so I loved having lots of ideas in my toolbox.
Rebecca P.
Minneapolis, MN
Read More
The tools from the course provided me the ability to cope with my contractions without medications, despite requiring pitocin. This course helped helped with a lot of fears around labor.
Beth B.
Decatur, GA
Read More
I had terrible back labor from early on, and I panicked, while he was the calm, confident partner I needed. This class gave him the confidence to know exactly to do. Highly recommend!