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Welcome to Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville! If your goal is a low-intervention natural childbirth, Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville is here to help support you. Our comprehensive natural childbirth classes will offer you the education and tools you need to approach birth with confidence.

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How to Register

All Kopa Birth® classes are taught by trained, Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructors. They teach using the Kopa Birth® curriculum and resources.

To register, you will be directed to the website of your local Kopa Birth® Independent Instructor. Here you will view pricing, schedules, and register for your course. Most instructors require a course deposit.

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Your schedule, Your home, Your Style
  • Option 1: 1, 3 hour class
  • Option 2: 2, 3 hour classes
  • Option 3: 1, 7 hour class
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Wherever, whenever, ultimate convenience
  • Video-based classes
  • Online equivalent of the 4-Week Course
  • Fun & engaging
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Rebecca Cabral

Rebecca offers Intensive, 4-Week & private childbirth classes in North Metro Atlanta, GA

Nikki Reeves

Nikki offer Intensive, 4-Week, & private childbirth classes in the Walton County area

Katie Griffin

Katie is the instructor of the KOPA® Online Childbirth Course

Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville couples receive exclusive online practice videos & downloads

Couples who register for group or private childbirth classes through Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville are provided access to log in to the Kopa Birth® online learning system. View practice videos and download audio tracks to enhance your live childbirth class instruction.

  • Register for your natural childbirth class

    After you register for your course, your instructor will create an online account for you through Kopa Birth®. At that point, you will verify your email and set your password. Your instructor will provide instructions as needed.

  • Log In

    Visit www.kopabirth.com and log in at “MY KOPA.” Even before you take your first class, you can view introductory videos and start practicing with relaxation audiotracks.

  • Return after each class

    Visit your course dashboard after each class. Each week you can access new videos to reinforce that week’s class instruction.

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Kopa Birth Testimonials – Lawrenceville, GA

Well Prepared, Happy Couples

“I wanted to thank you so much for all that you taught us and how you helped us to prepare for labor!…I had a fast labor for a first child and therefore was still able to have a natural, vaginal birth. It actually turned out that I wasn’t even allowed to have an epidural due to my condition, so even though we desired a natural birth we were especially grateful we had taken the course! The breathing techniques got me through labor 🙂 … ” READ MORE

Laura & Michael

“I was able to deliver him just like I dreamed: unmedicated and without any interventions. It was an absolutely transformative experience. I felt so empowered and grateful. Seeing my son fully alert immediately after birth and sharing those first moments together completely aware of each other was worth it all. Thank you for all you did to educate and prepare us for this experience. ….” READ MORE


“My water broke on Tuesday morning, but NOTHING happened. We were checked into the hospital and put on a pitocin drip….Then, the doctor did another exam…and my contractions came on hard and fast. The birth ball was my tool for quite a while. Coming into transition, I experienced some back labor which was alleviated by Danny’s counter pressure. I pushed for 40 minutes and VOILA!, we had our baby! Danny and I both felt very prepared throughout the delivery and are grateful for the education provided…” READ MORE

Whitney & Danny

Start preparing for your natural birth!

The prenatal bundle offers addition classes to supplement your athens ga natural childbirth class


Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville couples can also enroll in the $59 Prenatal Bundle. Includes Kopa® Meal Plans, Prenatal Fitness Program, Baby Wearing Basics Class, and more!

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Visit the Kopa Birth Blog, in addition to your local athens ga natural childbirth class


Visit the Kopa Birth® Blog to explore a wide range of subjects. We cover everything from breastfeeding to cord clamping. Reading the blog articles will help enhance your Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville birthing class!

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Prepare for a natural birth or natural hospital birth in athens, ga


Kopa Birth® Lawrenceville is the premiere choice for couples who are preparing for a low-intervention, natural hospital birth. Learn why a natural hospital birth requires extra preparation for both you and your partner.

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