“…prepared for the best thing that’s happened to us.”

Katie GriffinKopa Birth® Testimonials: Beautiful Natural Birth Stories, Testimonials

“Linz made it through the birth naturally. He came a day late. Linz got a pregnancy massage the day before her due date. …The day of her due date we tried castor oil…to help jump start the contractions. About 4 hours after that linz started feeling crampy. And then 4 hours after that she started having contractions that were 2-4 mins apart. Her and I made it through 2 hours at home before calling the midwife. She said she wanted us to have them be consistent for 2 hours at 2-3mins apart and wants Linz at 6 cm when we got there. So Linz was a champ and made it til about 3:30 and said “we need to go!” So then I proceeded to make sure everything was in order at the house and then left about 4am. We arrived at the hospital about 4:30-4:45 and got to the room about 5am and Linz already had the urge to push. She had her first exam and she was in fact 6cm dilated and 100% effaced. So that was good news. They hooked her to some monitors to check the baby. He was good. Then at about 5:45 she had another exam ad was 9.5cm dilated. Woohoo! It was getting really painful for Linz at that point b/c she was struggling to keep from pushing even with the panting. Then her water broke but Linz and I didn’t even realize it happened. Linz pushed for about 30 mins on her back and knees and the baby came out at 6:32am. Phoenix Ray  7lbs. 9oz. 20 inches.
It all happened so fast and Linz and I truly think the combination of the castor oil, evening primrose oil and pregnancy massage played huge factors. And of course the knowledge we learned from your class to help us through the intense 6-10hr labor. Thank you for getting us prepared for the best thing that’s happened to us :).”  Chad