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Benefits of Skin to Skin Contact After Birth

You’ve heard about the magical moments after birth when mom holds baby skin to skin. This stands in sharp contrast to the old-school routine of separating moms and babies after birth to perform newborn assessments. Is skin to skin contact really important? What are the benefits?

Top Natural Childbirth Benefits for Babies & Parents

Many pregnant couples wonder about the top natural childbirth benefits for babies and parents. While the perk of an epidural is obvious — pain relief — it’s often harder to quantify the value of going natural. Let’s highlight a few of the exciting, evidence-based benefits of natural birth.

Pain Meds During Labor Other Than Epidural

It’s hard to predict how your birth will play out. Maybe the idea of an epidural freaks you out, or maybe you have a medical condition that prohibits you from receiving an epidural. If so, you’re probably wondering what other options there are for pain meds during labor other than epidural medication.

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