Breastfeeding Plus Bundle

Prepare for early breastfeeding success.


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The Breastfeeding Plus+ Bundle Includes:

Natural Breastfeeding: For an Easier Start - Online Breastfeeding Course

Online Breastfeeding Class - Natural Breastfeeding

The Natural Breastfeeding program is co-created by Dr. Theresa Nesbit, MD, OBGYN and author Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FLICA.  Together, they have created a simplified approach to breastfeeding your baby in the first few weeks of life.  This class will help prepare you for a positive and successful early breastfeeding relationship.

Prenatal Fitness: Fitness Instruction & Workouts for Each Trimester

Woman Sitting on Exercise Ball | Kopa Birth

Maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy through safe and effective pregnancy workouts! Read along as Certified Personal Trainer Tatum Rebelle presents the facts on exercise in pregnancy, dispels common myths, and offers prenatal fitness routines catered to each trimester of pregnancy. Brief instructional videos are included to demonstrate each exercise.

Newborn Babywearing Basics Class

Woman Holding a Baby | Kopa Birth

Babywearing is a tool that can enable parents to both care for their newborn and accomplish the tasks of everyday life. Join Master Babwearing Educator, Bonnie Stafford, as she demonstrates safe newborn babywearing. Explore the brand name baby carriers and holds that are most useful for the newborn phase. This is a video-based, online class.

Kopa® Meal Plans

Kopa Birth Meal Plans, Online Childbirth Class Essentials Package

A healthy baby begins with a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy pregnancy is centered in good nutrition. Kopa Birth®’s Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Whiting, has created one week of daily, nutritious and practical meal plans to support a healthy pregnancy. The recipes use affordable, accessible ingredients to create meals that you and your family are sure to love. Provided in a digital format.