Kopa Birth® fosters a woman’s confidence in her innate ability to give birth by providing tangible tools to effectively work with contractions during labor. The mission of Kopa Birth® is to provide couples with the education to build a sound birth philosophy of their own, based on fact, and then to empower them to prepare for that birth.

We believe that for most women and under most circumstances, natural childbirth is the safest way to have a baby. With this in mind, Kopa Birth® instructors are committed to providing couples with the coping tools and communication skills they need to achieve an empowering birth experience. This includes the knowledge to make informed decisions about their birth and guidance to build a relationship of mutual trust with their doctor or midwife.


#1 – Childbirth Education Classes

Kopa Birth® offers a variety of both local, instructor-led and video-based, online childbirth classes.

Local Instructor-Led Courses

12 hours of group instruction in 4, 3-hour classes, class max of 8 couples.

Online-Video based Classes

12+ hours of video-based childbirth instruction

#2 – Childbirth Educator Resources

Become a Kopa Birth® childbirth educator and prepare couples for natural childbirth using the Kopa Birth® curriculum.

All Kopa Birth® educators are actively certified childbirth educators, operating within the scope of practice as defined by internationally-recognized certifying bodies such as Lamaze International, CAPPA, and ICEA. Kopa Birth® empowers these highly qualified educators with the curriculum-based training, curriculum resources, and ongoing support needed to expand their reach and share the tools needed to have positive birth experiences with couples worldwide.

Kopa Birth® educators receive unique opportunities and resources, with the chance to participate in a larger organization that is focused on creating meaningful outcomes for pregnant couples and childbirth educators alike. Are you a certified childbirth educator or aspiring educator and would like to learn more about teaching the Kopa Birth® curriculum?

#3 – Additional Pre & Postnatal Preparation through our Kopa® Partners

Kopa® Partners are pre & postnatal professionals offering exceptional products and services exclusively to Kopa Birth® clients. These professionals and services include:

Kopa® Meal Plans


Stephanie Whiting

Registered Dietitian

Prenatal Fitness Program


Tatum Rebelle

Certified Prenatal Trainer

Kopa® Relaxation Triggers

Hypo-Style Relaxation

Rachel Gray

Certified Recreational Therapist

Newborn Babywearing Basics

Newborn Care

Bonnie Stafford

Master Baby-wearing Educator

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