Natural Hospital Birth

Birth is a transformative journey, and while moms often prefer a vaginal birth, there are times when a cesarean birth is necessary. But we can make cesarean birth feel more

Epidurals have changed the way we can manage labor pain, often providing almost complete pain relief. Among the options available, walking epidurals offer a unique approach that can help mom

Moms are often curious about the term “baby dropping.” Let’s explore what it means when the baby drops in your belly, why it’s important for birth, and what you can

Welcoming a baby during the winter months can be a uniquely beautiful experience. The world slows down a bit, nights become cozy, and nature’s quiet can bring a grounding calm

There are so many things to think about and learn and practice when preparing for childbirth. It can seem overwhelming to know where to start and which things are really

If you are expecting, and worried about how painful childbirth might be, you’re not alone. Many women feel a mix of excitement and worry. You may have heard women say

Bringing your baby into the world is a marathon, not a sprint. And you wouldn’t try to run a marathon without preparation. In order to give yourself the best shot

Childbirth is beautiful and miraculous, but for many women, it’s also the most physically demanding experience of their lives. Good support is invaluable to a laboring mom. But if you’re

Whether you labor and deliver in a hospital or at home, your healthcare provider will monitor your baby throughout labor. Monitoring can take several forms, and it’s helpful to understand

As you await your little one, you may find it fun and exciting to pack your bag for the big event. Or you may find it completely overwhelming to try

When most of us think about pushing in labor, our minds run to images we’ve seen in movies. Mom holding her breath and bearing down, red-faced, while the people around

You’ve learned all you can about pregnancy, the signs of labor, the stages of labor, and how to cope with labor pain. And you know, of course, that you’ll need