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Helped me have a positive first birth experience!

I really wanted to birth without medication but was nervous about what this would be like. The Kopa Course equipped me and my husband well with understanding what is happening during your body during birth, ways to relax and help birth progress, and the ins and outs of different interventions. It's very thorough, and with something like birth, the more you can be informed and in control, the better! We had a wonderful first birth in the hospital and feel empowered to have our second unmedicated birth in a birthing center in the next few weeks!

So good the nurses thought I had an epidural!

The Kopa Birth course was amazingly helpful for both of my births. It helped me to not fear the pain but to welcome it and breathe through it. During my first natural birth, when the shift change happened, the new nurses commented that my charts were incorrect because it didn’t say I had an epidural. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is interested in having a natural birth.

Excellent course!!

Comprehensive, fun, engaging, informative and extremely helpful—my husband and I rave about how much this course prepared us for a natural birth in a hospital. I had two successful natural births in 3 years, and we largely give this course credit for that. Highly recommend!

Free Online Childbirth Class: Class #1 of the Kopa Birth® Online Birth Course
Kirsten W.
Exactly what I needed

I had my first child during COVID, when all in-person classes were shut down. I wanted to attempt natural birth, and when I was searching for online birthing class options, I came across KOPA. I chose it because it was more affordable than a lot of other options and also was geared toward people who were going to deliver in a hospital setting, which I was going to do since my town has no other options.
Three years later I have had two wonderful hospital birth experiences and was able to do both labors completely unmedicated. I attribute this mainly to Katie's amazing teaching through the course. Both my husband and I had the information we needed to understand our options and advocate for ourselves in the hospital, and we had practiced the coping techniques that got me through each contraction. Without KOPA there is no way I would have had such positive birth experiences that were not only safe and healthy for me and my babies but were also empowering and joyful.

Grateful for Kopa Birth!

I was so grateful to have found the Kopa Birth classes just 4 weeks before my due date! My husband and I binge watched and actively practiced everything we learned. I felt like I was more mentally prepared as I learned and practiced the relaxation techniques. The information about all the possible outcomes that could take place in the hospital also helped me feel prepared for anything that could happen. This course provided so much information about what happens to my body during pregnancy and during labor and delivery. The postpartum material was also so helpful. I had an unmedicated, natural birth and only minor tearing. i am grateful for the preparation this course gave me!

Free Online Childbirth Class: Class #1 of the Kopa Birth® Online Birth Course
Most practical intro video

I felt that the demos were really really effective. My husband also thought they were very effective to see what it looks like to work as a supportive and in-sync birth team.

Great course

This course was great. It taught me a lot about natural birth and what to expect. It was thorough and easy to follow.

Free Online Childbirth Class: Class #1 of the Kopa Birth® Online Birth Course
Hannah R.
So grateful!

My son came a little earlier than expected so I didn’t get a chance to take the full course. However, I learned enough from the first class that I was able to stay calm and work through my contractions until I was able to get an epidural. I have no doubt that if I was able to take the complete course and have more time to prepare, I would have been capable of a natural birth. Next time, I’m signing up early!

Confident Childbirth 4-Week Course
MaryBeth B.
Very informative

Glad I took it

Incredible Birth Prep!

Let me just say that this was the best birth prep possible. Even though I ended up having an emergency C-section, I felt emotionally prepared to deal with the pain and the emotional toll of labor. Overall, I think the course is excellent and one thing I would encourage moms to do is print out the handout and make sure that you follow along. I ended up creating a binder for my birth plan, which included all of the key information that I held onto in addition to leaving extra space for paperwork when the baby was born this made our lives a whole lot easier.

Best course on natural birth in hospital

Took three different prep for birth classes for our first child and the Kopa course really stood out as practical, informative, confidence-boosting. Thanks for creating an accessible learning program for those of us that would like to be in the hospital setting but with natural options as a part of it.

Great course with great content!

We felt more prepared to handle the transition from home to hospital and my wife had some excellent tools to rely on throughout a long labor. Doing the course together gave me an excellent understanding of what to expect and I felt much better prepared for the whole process and understood my role in it. So glad we did this and highly recommend it!

Confident Childbirth Intensive Class
The most seamless birth I had

I decided to take a birth class to prepare for my youngest birth. I gave natural birth before but it was unplanned and not the most pleasant experience. With Kopa Birth, they help my partner and I to be able to be prepared and also give a seamless natural birth with all the methods they gave us. I’m done baby making but would suggest anyone to go with them.


Very helpful and informative.

Thank you!

My wife and I took the Kopa course right before the birth of our first child. Although we were unable to have an unmediated birth (for reasons outside our control), we both felt very prepared throughout our entire birthing process. This course allowed us both to make informed decisions in the midst of our daughters birth which mattered most to us.

Thank you Katie for the amazing course. We have recommended it to all our expecting friends!

Free Online Childbirth Class: Class #1 of the Kopa Birth® Online Birth Course
Nikolett C.
Loved it!

Thank you for all the information!
They gave me the confidence in my own body, tipps on relaxing myself, my muscles, and I was able to manage labor pain unmedicated, and have a beautiful natural birth. 🙂
Thank you Katie again!

Free Online Childbirth Class: Class #1 of the Kopa Birth® Online Birth Course

Wonderful class. Short, to the point, helpful, and awesome to do some practice within the class vs just a lecture.

Kopa Birth Course Review

This course really helped drive all my fears away about having a baby. I was given all the tools to manage pain and knew what to expect because of it. There were so many tools and potential outcomes that we learned from the course. Everything came so natural without seconding guessing when it came to labor and our decisions because of the course. It taught both my husband and I how to advocate for ourselves to achieve our best outcome. We really recommend this course!

Highly recommend

I used these videos before my first and watched them again before having my second. Extraordinarily helpful, highly recommend

So practical, convenient and empowering

So much better of a labor (and successful vbac) after taking this course. Much more detailed, and opportunity to practice with husband as we watched along on stages, breathing, and positions

Must know information

The course really helped me gain an understanding of what birth will be like and advocate for myself in the hospital. I knew what physical signs to watch for as labor started and progressed, and was able to decline unnecessary interventions because I knew what wasn’t important. I would not have had such a great first birth was it not for this course. I recommend Kona to all my friends.

Confident Childbirth Intensive Class
Daniella A.

Confident Childbirth Intensive Class

Confident Childbirth 4-Week Course
comprehensive course but not overwhelming

I felt very prepared going into labor with taking this course. It was invaluable to understand the stages of labor and then be able to identify that during the process. This absolutely reduced fear. I also found it helpful to learn about the major coping types, Lamaze and the others m. There was enough information given, so I could incorporate into my labor or choose to explore them further. I recommend this class to every new mom.

Confident Childbirth 4-Week Course
jessica h.
10 years later, I’m still thankful

My husband and I took this course when I was expecting my first baby, in 2012. I loved it. The course gives several methods to manage labor and delivery, not just one. You never know until you’re in it which method will work for you, so I loved having lots of ideas in my toolbox. I felt prepared going into it, and when the time came, my labor and delivery (all three!) we’re very successful and empowering. I am a hairstylist, so over the past years since taking this course, I’ve recommended it to so many clients and friends. I show them my workbook and encourage them that they absolutely can have a natural childbirth.

Highly Recommend

I cannot recommend this course enough. The pain management tools absolutely prepare you to be confident enough to have a natural hospital birth. The information is all scientifically-based and prepared you for the event that interventions are required. I felt like no matter what was thrown at me during delivery, I could look back to what I learned and make the best decision I could in the moment. Additionally, this course is amazing for support partners and helped my husband feel fully involved in the birth process.