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Become A Kopa Birth® Instructor

Are you ready to improve your childbirth classes with:


• Evidence-based information to encourage couples to make their own best, most informed choices during birth?
• Powerful coping tools to ease labor pain and promote labor progress?
• A philosophy that encourages couples to work as a team with each other and with their healthcare providers?

Introducing the Kopa Birth® Online Training Program for Instructors!

The Kopa Birth® Instructor training program was launched in 2011 with extensive, in-person training. The Online Training Program is being released in August 2017 to enable instructors to complete their training online, from anywhere around the world!


Learn About the Curriculum by Viewing the
Kopa Birth® Online Course

Are you a prospective Instructor who would like to learn more about the Kopa Birth® curriculum before applying to the Online Training Program?  If so, you can apply for complementary access to view the online course by submitting a Prospective Instructor Application. The online course is the equivalent to the Kopa Birth® 4-Week Course, a 12-hour group childbirth class that is taught by instructors on a local level.  If accepted, you will receive complementary access to the KOPA® PREPARED Essentials Online Course for a 1-month period.

Benefits for Childbirth Educators

Joining our team of Independent educators give you access to the following valuable resources:

• Detailed Instructor Manuals to enable you to teach Kopa Birth® group and private classes with confidence
• Training videos to help you present the course material with ease
• Digital presentation materials for all Kopa Birth® group and private classes
• Online access for all of your clients to download resources and view supplementary videos
• Training and professional marketing materials to help you grow your business
• Promotion of your services on the Kopa Birth® Instructor directory
• Inclusion of your services and personal website on regional landing pages
• Personal web page listing on featuring your bio, services, and a link to your website

Benefits for Your Clients

Downloadable relaxation scripts & audio tracks
Access to view online supplementary videos
100+ page printed course manual

About the Kopa Birth®
Online Training Program

Kopa Birth® offers a Training Program, not a Certification Program

The Kopa Birth® Online Training Program is intended to train childbirth educators in the use of the Kopa Birth® curriculum.  It is not a childbirth education certification program.  After completion of the program, educators can use the title “Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructor.”  There are no certified Kopa Birth® instructors, nor does Kopa Birth® offer additional credentials for certified educators.

Instructor Eligibility

You are eligible to apply to be a Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructor if you have met the following requirements:

  • Prospective instructors must hold current certification as a Certified Childbirth Educator.  Maintaining your status as a Certified Childbirth Educator is an ongoing requirement for all Kopa Birth® Instructors.  Certifying organizations can include Lamaze International, ICEA, CAPPA, and others.  (Please contact us before submitting your application if you would like to verify your Childbirth Educator Certification.)
  • You have your own business website to which Kopa Birth® can direct clients. (This can be a simple website built using a free platform like wix or weebly, if necessary.)
  • Although not required, it is preferred that educators have experience teaching childbirth classes as a certified childbirth educator before teaching Kopa Birth® childbirth classes.  If you are a newly certified childbirth educator, it is preferred that you have worked previously in a birth setting as a nurse, doula or other birth professional.

Topics Covered in the Online Training Program

The Kopa Birth® Online Training Program includes all of the information you need to present and market your Kopa Birth® group and private classes with confidence.  The material covered in the training includes:

  • View full presentations of all Kopa Birth® group childbirth classes
  • Focused instruction on how to teach the primary coping skills
  • Focused instruction on how to present labor interventions using evidence and objectivity
  • 1:1 Skype trainings with a Kopa Birth® mentor to evaluate and improve your presentation of the course material
  • Training on how to market your services to doulas, midwives, and doctors

Upon completion, educators are enabled to teach official Kopa Birth® group and private childbirth classes in their local area.  They can use the title “Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructor” as they market their services.  They are also given provisional use of all digital presentation materials, online supplementary materials for their clients, marketing materials, and use the Kopa Birth® logo on their website.

Cost of the Online Training Program

The cost of the Kopa Birth® Online Training Program includes access to the training necessary to teach your classes, as well as the materials outlined above. The cost of participation in the online training program and to become a Kopa Birth® Instructor is $499.  

Ongoing Costs of Teaching Classes – Printed Materials, etc.

Instructors are required to purchase 1 course material package for each client participating in one of their Kopa Birth® group or private childbirth classes. The course material package includes 1 printed course manual that is mailed to the instructor, a download of the Meditations & Imagery for Labor relaxation audio tracks, and 4-month access for the client to view online supplementary videos and downloads.

Course material packages are ordered online through an Instructor login account. For specific pricing questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Online Supplementary Videos & Downloads

Every Kopa Birth® group or private client receives 4-month access to view supplementary online videos and downloads.

Some of the online resources are intended to reinforce the instruction that couples are receiving in-class. This includes videos reviews of all of the breathing techniques, sensory techniques, and other coping tools Instructors present.

Other videos and downloads supplement your course by providing valuable instruction that educators often do not have time to present in class. This includes additional information about epidurals, cesareans, and labor inductions. It also includes videos of other medically-heavy topics such as clinical management of the birth of the placenta, Group B Strep treatment, and cervical ripening agents.

The online resources are a helpful way for clients to practice and reinforce new skills learned in class, and to present information that Instructors might not have time to cover in detail.

Meditations & Imagery for Labor

Relaxation is the foundation of the labor coping tools taught in Kopa Birth® childbirth classes. The Mediations & Imagery for Labor audio tracks are one resources that couples can use to practice the skill of relaxation at home.

Each client receives access to Meditations & Imagery for Labor through their online account. The audio download offers 6 calming, birth-focused meditations and is over an hour long.

Class Pricing

Class rates are determined by each individual instructor. We suggest a minimum fee of $150 for the Intensive Class and $225 for the 4-Week Course, although it is certainly acceptable to charge more than those rates.

Instructors are asked not to offer predatory pricing to significantly undercut other Kopa Birth® instructors in surrounding areas.

Kopa Birth® does not guarantee clients for your classes. However, we strive to help you fill your classes through our local landing pages and other referral sources.

Annual Renewal

Annual renewal of your status as a Kopa Birth® Independent Affiliated Instructor includes the following (subject to change):

  • Proof of current Childbirth Educator Certification
  • Submit at least 3 testimonials from recent clients
  • A personal evaluation of your own teaching, including where you are excelling and areas in need of improvement
  • A signed statement that you are aware of the latest updates to the Kopa Birth® curriculum and that you are teaching using the most current Kopa Birth® resources available (curriculum updates are done on a yearly basis)
  • Your personal suggestions for improvements that you think could be made to the Kopa Birth® curriculum for the following year

Annual renewal is due on June 1st of each year.  The annual renewal fee is $199.  You will receive any required training and updates to the curriculum at no additional cost to you.