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You’ve found the top online resource for practical, evidence-based education for a healthy pregnancy and natural (unmedicated) hospital birth. We’ve only got 9 months till this baby is born, so let’s not waste any time! Jump in to the free resources below and start preparing for your upcoming birth!


Start here if you're 4-24 weeks pregnant.

In the earlier stages of your pregnancy, now is the time to focus on exercising, feeding your baby well, and generally caring for your body.  Take your time and soak in all the knowledge you can about how to have a healthy pregnancy.

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Download a free copy of our 200+ page ebook, Pregnancy Week by Week: A Guide to Your Changing Body & Baby’s Development.  

Start here if you're 25-41 weeks pregnant.

Near the end of the second trimester, your focus shifts to preparation for labor and birth. When your goal is a natural childbirth, it’s important to be intentional about your preparation. Set yourself up for success! Learn what to expect during a natural birth and practice labor coping tools (breathing techniques, relaxation, positioning, etc.). Let’s get to work!

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Those pre-labor jitters have begun and you’re starting your search for the very best natural birth class.  Try this free, 1-hour sample of the KOPA® PREPARED Online Birth Course.

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Are you ready to get started in earnest?  Register for the KOPA® PREPARED Online Birth Course, which we filmed while Katie was pregnant with baby #5.  Coping tools, mock labor, birth footage…we’ve got you covered.