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Kopa Birth® has been offering natural childbirth classes to couples in the south since 2008, and is now beginning to offer childbirth classes throughout the country. Our local birthing classes are regularly recommended by moms, doulas, doctors and midwives. We offer a variety of local group and private childbirth classes to prepare couples for an amazing natural birth.

I felt so prepared for birth, and also made great friendships in my group class! It’s almost a year later and I still keep in touch with and visit some of the other moms and babies from our class.Brooke D.

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Click a city below to find and register for your local Kopa Birth® childbirth course.

How to Register for your Class

To view pricing, course availability, and to register for an instructor-led childbirth class, visit the Kopa Birth® website in your local area. See the list above. If a Kopa Birth® division is not currently available in your area, consider taking one of our video-based, online childbirth classes.

Once on your local site, click “Register Now” in the menu at the top of the page. Select the local instructor(s) whose schedules you would like to view. You will then be directed to their individual website for course registration.their instructions for registration.

Included in your local course, you will receive a printed course manual. Additionally, your instructor will provide online access for you to view practice videos and to download relaxation audio tracks.

Kopa Birth® Local, Instructor-Led Courses

Kopa Birth® offers a variety of local, instructor-led natural childbirth classes.

Intensive Class


Prices vary per location and instructor.
  • 1 day, 7-hour group class
  • 7 hours of instruction
  • Class max 8 couples
  • Online access to select practice videos and downloads
  • Printed copy of Kopa Birth® Saturday Intensive Class manual


Private Classes


Prices vary per location and instructor.
  • Package #1: 1, 7-hour private class
  • Package #2: 2, 3-hour private classes
  • Package #3: 1, 3-hour private class
  • Printed copy of Kopa Birth®Private Class manual
  • Taught in your own home


Kopa Birth® Childbirth Educators

Kopa Birth® instructors are nationally certified, independent instructors with experience in natural birth in a variety of birth settings. In addition to providing a high-quality, high-energy class, your instructor will help connect you to natural birth resources in your local area. These resources may include suggestions about health care providers, hospitals, doulas, and other professionals. We hope you will view your Kopa Birth® childbirth educator as a friend and advocate on your journey to a confident birth.

If you’re interested in becoming a Kopa Birth® Instructor, click here to learn more!

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Class #1: A Foundation of Relaxation.
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