The Kopa Birth® Philosophy is centered on fact-based preparation and flexibility. Our approach to birth can be summarized in the responses to the following 5 statements that we often hear from couples who choose Kopa Birth® for their childbirth preparation.

I want to learn many different coping tools to help me stay calm and in control during labor.

At Kopa Birth®, our goal is to expose couples to a wide variety of coping tools to help mom manage the experience of contractions with calm and confidence. While most women will describe the process of giving birth as painful, moms who prepare and practice coping tools will also describe their births as exhilarating, joyful, and empowering despite the pain of contractions. Don’t fear birth! PREPARE for birth!

I want my partner to be well prepared to support me during a natural birth.

Gone are the days when the husband sits in the waiting room alone as mom is rolled into the L&D room in on a gurney and strapped in stirrups. Today, hospital birth offers couples the chance to bond as they work together to bring new life into the world! You want your partner to be prepared to offer the support you need during contractions, and this includes massage, movement, pressure, hot & cold, and many other techniques. Kopa Birth® classes are just as much about preparing partners as they are about preparing mom for the experience of childbirth.

I want to know what to expect in a hospital setting.

Kopa Birth® offers a unique perspective in the world of natural childbirth education — we specialize in natural birth in a hospital setting. Mom’s sometimes fear that their chances for a low-intervention, natural birth are slim to none if they give birth in the hospital. This simply is not true! You can have a positive, natural childbirth in a hospital, and Kopa Birth® will show you how!

I want to do all I can to prepare for a natural birth, but I’m not anti-intervention when necessary.

Preparing for a low-intervention, natural hospital birth requires practice and planning. Yet bet birth can be unpredicatable. Even the best preparation can't help moms avoid every unexpected scenario. Ideally, couples will prepare and practice for the outcome they want, and then enjoy the ride! Kopa Birth® offers thorough and comprehensive birth preparation, allowing couples the freedom to be flexible.

I want to have a positive relationship with my doctor or midwife.

Kopa Birth® courses are created and reviewed by a wide range of healthcare professionals, including childbirth educators, registered nurses, midwives, and doctors. We know from experience that a couple’s best chance for a natural birth in a hospital is achieved when they work as a team with their healthcare providers. Most nurses, doctors, and midwives are eager to help you experience a low-intervention, natural birth! Kopa Birth® will help you know what questions to ask and how to best communicate your plans for a natural hospital birth.