5 Prenatal Yoga Classes In Athens, GA

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Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. We created this list of the top 5 prenatal yoga classes in Athens, GA to help you find the perfect class for you!

We’ve created a list of the top five classes for prenatal yoga Athens has to offer. These classes have all been recommended to be included on this list. Use it as a springboard to find the best prenatal yoga class to fit your schedule and style

Here’s our list of top prenatal yoga classes in Athens, brought to you by Kopa Birth:

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Prenatal Yoga Athens GA

Baby Belly Yoga
Baby Belly Yoga Prenatal Yoga classes focus on asanas, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that will help ease the discomforts associated with pregnancy and prepare the body for childbirth.
Phone: N/A
Website: www.babybellyyoga.com
Address: 2080 Prince Ave, Athens, GA 30606

Perinatal yoga: designed with prenatal Yoginis in mind, this practice centers on restorative and proactive practices that encourage health and wellness in practitioners in their 2nd, 3rd and “4th” trimesters (after baby!).
Phone: 706-549-8900
Website: www.reblossomathens.com
Address: 220 North Milledge Ave
Athens, GA 30601

Offering pre and postnatal pilates. Pilates exercises directly focus on the muscles that support the uterus and the pelvic floor.
Phone: 706.389.0604
Website: www.balancepilatesathens.com
Address: 675 Pulaski Street, Suite 2500 Athens, GA

Thrive Integrative Medicine
Through the practice of yoga, learn breathing techniques, postures, and meditations that support the mind, body and spirit during pregnancy.
Phone: 706-850-2000
Website: www.thrivespace.net.com
Address: 2080 Prince Avenue Athens, Georgia 30606

Five Points Yoga
Five Points Yoga offers Intro to Prenatal Yoga workshops for moms who are trying yoga for the first time. They also offer couples prenatal yoga workshops.
Phone: 706-355-3114
Website: www.athensfivepointsyoga.com
Address: 1260 S. Milledge Ave., Ste. E1, Athens, GA 30605

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