Online Childbirth Classes

Online Childbirth Classes
for Natural Birth.

Kopa Birth® offers a variety of online childbirth classes to help provide the tools and resources couples need to approach natural birth with confidence. Our online childbirth classes are recommended by moms, doulas, and healthcare providers as a powerful and engaging way to prepare for natural birth.

I loved the online childbirth class and it worked great for our schedules. I loved being able to go at our own pace, and to stop and discuss things. I was able to have a natural birth with the help of my husband and a doula!Meredith H.

Meredith H natural birth with kopa birth online childbirth classes

KOPA® PREPARED Online Childbirth Classes

Kopa Birth® online childbirth classes offer the best of convenience and flexibility. Prepare for your natural childbirth in the privacy of your own home, 24/7. Choose between two comprehensive packages:



  • 8 comprehensive video classes
  • 12+ hours of instruction
  • Natural hospital birth footage
  • Mock labor experience
  • Relaxation audio track & course manual downloads
  • 100% risk-free, 30-day, money back GUARANTEE!
  • KOPA® meal plans
  • Relaxation triggers class
  • Prenatal Fitness Program
  • Newborn babywearing basics
  • Partner labor guides
  • additional audio downloads



  • 8 comprehensive video classes
  • 12+ hours of instruction
  • Natural hospital birth footage
  • Mock labor experience
  • Relaxation audio track & course manual downloads
  • 100% risk-free, 30-day, money back GUARANTEE!
  • Kopa® Meal Plans
  • Relaxation Triggers Class
  • Prenatal Fitness Program
  • Newborn Babywearing Basics
  • Partner Labor Guides
  • Additional audio downloads
30 day risk free money back guarantee

100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

We guarantee that our online childbirth classes will help you feel more confident and prepared for childbirth or receive your money back. 100% risk free for 30-days. No questions asked.

Kopa Birth® online childbirth classes are fun and engaging! Here’s a sample of the instruction you’ll receive in your course:

Watch a short video about Katie B’s experience with the Kopa Birth® Online Childbirth Class!

I loved the online class! I thought it was really fun and energetic. I liked that there was a more scientific explanation of everything, and then also what you can expect…from somebody’s own experience.Katie B.

KOPA® PREPARED Online Childbirth Class FEATURES

Do you want to be well-prepared for your natural birth? We’ve got you covered! Kopa Birth® offers 2 online childbirth class packages with enough information to keep you learning all pregnancy long!

KOPA® PREPARED Essentials Package – $195

This course is perfect for couples who want to focus exclusively on preparation for labor. By participating in 1 to 2 courses each week, couples will have adequate time to view the entire course within 2 months. Additional time can then be spent developing the skills of deep relaxation, breathing techniques, and a wide variety of other coping tools for labor. Couples can adjust the pace of their course as needed to accommodate their due date.
Join your pregnant instructor, Katie Griffin RN, LCCE, on a shared journey of practice and preparation for a natural birth in a hospital. The course is comprehensive, practical, and engaging — plan to enjoy yourself! At the end of the course, you’re invited to come along with Katie and her husband Seth for the labor and natural hospital birth of the newest addition, Baby G. #5!

  • Class #1: A Foundation of Relaxation
  • Class #2: The Birth Process & Early Labor
  • Class #3: Patterned Breathing & Active Labor
  • Class #4: Transition & The Pushing Phase
  • Class #5: Labor Positions & Sensory Techniques
  • Class #6: Medications, Cesareans, & Labor Inductions
  • Class #7: Benefits & Risks of Hospital-Based Interventions
  • Class #8: Birth Plans & The Mock Labor Experience
  • Bonus Video: Katie’s Natural Hospital Birth
Have you ever wanted to know what contractions are like? The Kopa Birth® mock labor has you covered! This mock labor, presented in the 8th class, is the culmination of the course and offers the perfect opportunity for moms and partners to practice the skills they’ve been learning. And since this is an online course, you can use it to prepare over and over again!
Guided imagery is a powerful way to develop the skill of total body relaxation, and is also a valuable tool for many moms during labor. The Kopa Birth® Meditations & Imagery for Labor audio downloads will take you on a mental journey of relaxation through 6 calming, birth-focused meditations.
This comprehensive, full-color, 100 page course manual is a valuable reinforcement to the information you will learn in your course. In addition to pictures and helpful tips, you’ll find sections for homework, Healthcare Provider Talk-Points, and thorough lists of citations and current references. Print off your course manual, get out a pen, and take some notes!
KOPA PREPARED® courses are flexible and convenient. You can view your Kopa Birth® online course on your computer, tablet, or phone. Access your videos anywhere you can get an internet connection, and view in either HD or SD quality.
Kopa Birth® offers a 100% risk-free, 30-day, money back GUARANTEE! You can purchase the KOPA PREPARED® online childbirth course series with confidence! We guarantee that our online childbirth classes will help you feel more confident and prepared for childbirth or we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

KOPA® PREPARED Plus Package – $245

Includes all features of the Essentials Package, PLUS…

Preparing for a calm and positive natural childbirth requires preparation and practice. As you aim to finish your course 2 months before your due date, you will have ample time to develop your ability to relax deeply, to engage in patterned breathing techniques, and to work effectively with your partner and healthcare providers.
A healthy baby begins with a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy pregnancy is centered in good nutrition. Kopa Birth®’s Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Whiting, has created one week of daily, nutritious and practical meal plans to support a healthy pregnancy. The recipes use affordable, accessible ingredients to create meals that you and your family are sure to love.
Relaxation Triggers are another tool mom can use to diversify her guided imagery practice and add depth to the rituals she uses in labor. This class is presented by Rachel Gray, a Certified Recreational Therapist, and offers a more advanced, hypno-style approach to relaxation. The Relaxation Triggers class is intended to supplement the KOPA PREPARED® course instruction on deep relaxation.
Maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy through safe and effective pregnancy workouts! Certified Personal Trainer Tatum Rebelle presents the facts on exercise in pregnancy, dispels common myths, and offers prenatal fitness routines catered to each trimester of pregnancy. Instructional videos are included to demonstrate each exercise.
Newborn Babywearing Basics is a video-based class presented by Master Babywearing Educator, Bonnie Stafford. The class highlights the many benefits of babywearing, and offers key principles to ensure baby’s safety. Bonnie also demonstrates the common holds and carriers that can facilitate a successful babywearing experience in the newborn phase.
The Partner Labor Guide® Series provides mobile access to the information a partner needs to support mom throughout labor. The downloadable guides are designed for optimal viewing on a mobile phone. Titles include “Sensory Techniques,” “Positions for Labor,” and “Positions for Pushing.”
Download two additional guided imagery scripts. “Positive Affirmations for Birth” offers positive, encouraging mantras to build your confidence in your ability to give birth. “Touch Relaxation” offers an interactive script for moms and partners to practice the skill of touch relaxation together.

Meet the Instructor for your
KOPA® PREPARED Online Childbirth Classes!

3 Sample Videos You’ll Watch in your Online Childbirth Class

At Kopa Birth®, we know that choosing the best online childbirth class can be a difficult decision. Today we’re going to give you a sneak peak into 3 sample videos from the KOPA® PREPARED online course.

  • Slow-Paced Breathing

    Slow-Paced Breathing is the first of several labor breathing techniques that will be presented in your Kopa Birth® online childbirth classes.

slow-paced breathing for blog post from Kopa Birth® on Vimeo.

  • Vocalizing in Labor

    In this brief video, we discuss the difference between high and low tones during labor. This video is taken from class #4 of the Kopa Birth® online childbirth class series.

Vocalizing in labor from Kopa Birth® on Vimeo.

  • Natural Hospital Birth

    We’ll wrap up our selection of online childbirth class snippets with some actual footage from a natural childbirth in a hospital.

Natural Hospital Birth from Kopa Birth® on Vimeo.