Online Childbirth Classes for Natural Hospital Birth

You’re planning a natural hospital birth and you and your partner want to be prepared. 


  • Receive online instruction from a Registered Nurse, Lamaze educator, and mom of 6.
  • You'll learn powerful, tried-and-true coping tools and techniques to help you manage labor pain without medication.
  • We'll cover deep relaxation, breathing techniques, labor positions, and so much more!
  • Your partner will learn practical ways to help you stay calm and comfortable during labor.
  • And you'll both be prepared to make informed choices about labor interventions in the hospital.

Course Features & Pricing


$ 195


$ 245
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No worries, you can purchase a KOPA® PREPARED online childbirth course with confidence! We guarantee that our online birthing classes will help you feel more confident and prepared for childbirth, or we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Well-Prepared, Happy Couples

Read what other couples have to say about their experience with Kopa Birth® online childbirth classes!

Sabrina L Natural Hospital Birth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
After two cesareans, I had a natural delivery with no complications, in large part due to the tools I learned in the Kopa classes. I was able to focus on my body and baby, knowing that this was a natural process I was made to do.
Sabrina L.
Rachel G Kopa Birth Natural Birth Testimonial
I had my baby and was able to do so completely natural! This class really helped me feel confident in my husband and his role in the birth of our son.
Rachel G.
I kept telling the Hubbs that we needed coaching if we were going to have a natural birth with our very first child. He left raving about the class and that it was worth every penny! I was able to have a successful, natural birth experience. Yay!!
Nyla P.
I was able to do the entire labor without an epidural which I know was only because of your class. I was able to breathe and moan (which I never thought I would be a vocal person) through the contractions. I just wanted to thank you for preparing us for that experience. I can’t tell you the difference it made for us!
Michele M.

KOPA® PREPARED Detailed Course Descriptions

Do you want to be well-prepared for your natural birth? We’ve got you covered! Kopa Birth® offers 2 online childbirth class packages with enough information to keep you learning all pregnancy long!

KOPA® PREPARED Essentials Course - $195

Online Childbirth Class #1: A Foundation of Relaxation

The first class offers an introduction to the benefits of natural childbirth. You will see how relaxation can be the foundation of a positive natural birth. Learn how steer clear of suffering in labor, and to replace fear with confidence. Some subjects you will cover include:

• The Benefits of Relaxation, Rhythm, & Ritual
• Fear – Tension – Pain Cycle
• Pain vs Suffering
• Cooked vs Uncooked Noodle Theory
• Positions for Relaxation
• Introduction to Guided Imagery


Online Childbirth Class #2: The Birth Process & Early Labor

In the second class, jump right into prelabor and early labor. Visualize what to expect physically and emotionally during early labor. Learn labor coping tools to work with your mind and body for a positive early labor experience. Some subjects you will cover include:

• Touch Relaxation
• The Birth Process
• Signs of Labor
• Prelabor & Early Labor
• Introduction to Breathing Techniques
• Slow-Paced Breathing
• Affirmations & Mantras

Online Childbirth Class #3: Patterned Breathing & Active Labor

In the third class, explore the excitement and intensity of active labor. Start practicing more advanced, modified-paced breathing techniques. Experiment with your new labor coping tools during a pain stimulus! (This is nothing to worry about– we promise!!) Some subjects you will cover include:

Kopa Birth® Online Childbirth Class 3, Essentials Package• Ideal Birth Imagery
• Effleurage
• Active Labor
• Modified-Paced Breathing Techniques
• Pain Stimulus
• Leaving for the Hospital

Online Childbirth Class #4: Transition & The Pushing Phase

The 4th class offers a glimpse into transition, the most powerful phase of the first stage of labor. Partners learn how to support mom during strong contractions, and how to guide her through a positive birth experience. Couples also practice pushing positions & techniques. Some subjects you will cover include:

Kopa Birth Online Childbirth Class 4, Essentials Package• Vocalizing in Labor
• Transition
• Patterned-Paced Breathing
• Birth Videos
• Pushing Positions & Techniques
• Perineal Support

Online Childbirth Class #5: Labor Positions & Sensory Techniques

The fifth class offers couples a mini-workout as you practice and perfect a wide variety of labor positions. Partners learn pressure techniques to ease back pain in labor. Explore sensory techniques — additional tools that engage mom’s senses and enhance her labor rituals. Some subjects you will cover include:

Kopa Birth® online childbirth class 5, Essentials package• Back Pain in Labor
• The Posterior Position
• Using a Birth Ball
• Labor Positions to Promote Comfort and Progress
• Sensory Techniques

Online Childbirth Class #6: Medications, Cesareans, & Labor Inductions

The 6th class offers a deep dive into the most significant labor interventions. Consider your options for medicinal pain relief, including IV narcotics and epidurals. Explore scenarios in which a cesarean birth or labor induction is beneficial, as well as steps to avoid unnecessary intervention. Some subjects you will cover include:

Kopa Birth® Online Childbirth Class 6, Essentials Package• Positive Birth Affirmations
• Analgesic Pain Medications
• Epidurals
• Assisted Delivery
• Cesarean Birth
• Labor Induction

Online Childbirth Class #7: Benefits & Risks of Hospital-Based Interventions

In the 7th class, continue to challenge your thinking on the benefits & risks of common hospital-based interventions. Learn how to work with your doctor or midwife to promote both safety and comfort in labor. Some subjects you will cover include:

• Overcoming Challenges of Relaxation
• Advocating for Informed Consent
• What to Expect at the Hospital
• Fetal Monitoring
• Rupturing Membranes
• Meconium

Online Childbirth Class #8: Birth Plans & The Mock Labor Experience

The 8th class is where it all comes together! Couples practice their relaxation, positioning, breathing, and other coping tools amidst simulated contractions. We don’t want to give away the secret of the mock labor, but we promise you that you’ll leave feeling pumped up and more prepared for birth! Some subjects you will cover include:

Kopa Birth® Online Childbirth Class 8, Essentials Package• How to Write a Birth Preference that Gets Results
• What to do with your Birth Preference
• Packing for the Hospital
• The Mock Labor

BONUS Video: Katie's Natural Hospital Birth

Kopa Birth® Online Childbirth Class Natural Hospital Birth VideoJoin your pregnant instructor, Katie, and her husband, Seth, for the natural hospital birth of baby #5. Watch as she progresses from early labor to active labor to transition and finally to pushing. See how you can likewise implement your new coping tools to have a positive, confident natural birth!

KOPA® PREPARED Plus Course - $245

In addition to the core classes of the Essentials Course, the Plus Course features include:

Relaxation Triggers Class

Kopa Birth® Relaxation Triggers Class, Online Childbirth Class Plus PackageRelaxation Triggers are another tool mom can use to diversify her guided imagery practice and add depth to the rituals she uses in labor. This video-based online class is presented by Rachel Gray, a Certified Recreational Therapist, and offers a more advanced, hypno-style approach to relaxation. The Relaxation Triggers class is intended to supplement the KOPA PREPARED® course instruction on deep relaxation.

Prenatal Fitness: Fitness Instruction & Workouts for Each Trimester

Maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy through safe and effective pregnancy workouts! Read along as Certified Personal Trainer Tatum Rebelle presents the facts on exercise in pregnancy, dispels common myths, and offers prenatal fitness routines catered to each trimester of pregnancy. Brief instructional videos are included to demonstrate each exercise.

Newborn Babywearing Basics Class

Babywearing is a tool that can enable parents to both care for their newborn and accomplish the tasks of everyday life. Join Master Babwearing Educator, Bonnie Stafford, as she demonstrates safe newborn babywearing. Explore the brand name baby carriers and holds that are most useful for the newborn phase. This is a video-based, online class.

Kopa® Meal Plans

Kopa Birth Meal Plans, Online Childbirth Class Essentials PackageA healthy baby begins with a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy pregnancy is centered in good nutrition. Kopa Birth®’s Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Whiting, has created one week of daily, nutritious and practical meal plans to support a healthy pregnancy. The recipes use affordable, accessible ingredients to create meals that you and your family are sure to love. Provided in a digital format.

3 Partner Labor Guides®

Kopa Birth® Partner Labor Guides, Online Childbirth Class Essentials PackageThe Partner Labor Guide® Series provides mobile access to the information a partner needs to support mom throughout labor. The three downloadable guides are designed for optimal viewing on a mobile phone. Titles include “Sensory Techniques,” “Positions for Labor,” and “Positions for Pushing.”

“Positive Affirmations for Labor” & “Touch Relaxation” Audio Downloads

Kopa Birth® couple practice touch relaxationDownload two additional guided imagery scripts. “Positive Affirmations for Birth” offers positive, encouraging mantras to build your confidence in your ability to give birth. “Touch Relaxation” offers an interactive script for moms and partners to practice the skill of touch relaxation together.

This Course Is A Great Fit For You If....

You're planning a natural childbirth (no pain medication) in a hospital setting.

At Kopa Birth®, we specialize in preparing couples for natural childbirth in a hospital.  We know that birth centers and home births also provide an environment for safe, satisfying natural births.  Yet, over 98% of American women give birth in a hospital. Some natural childbirth classes, even popular ones, are notorious for breeding distrust of the hospital system. Our online childbirth classes are developed, taught, and reviewed by healthcare providers who understand both the benefits AND challenges of natural hospital birth, and know how to navigate them. This includes certified childbirth educators, nurses, and midwives who all share a common goal of helping couples achieve their goals for natural hospital births.

You want to learn many different coping tools to help you stay calm and in control during labor.

One goal of our natural online childbirth classes is to expose couples to a wide variety of coping tools to help mom manage the experience of contractions with calm and confidence.  Some natural birth classes focus their instruction on one primary coping tool, like hypno-style relaxation or breathing techniques alone. Not Kopa Birth®! We’re bringing you the best coping tools from the most popular natural childbirth theories, including deep relaxation, partner participation, breathing, and movement. 

You want your partner to be well-prepared to support you during a natural birth.

When you have an epidural, partners often provide emotional support but may not need to offer much physical support.  Not so during a natural childbirth where it’s all hands on deck! The KOPA® PREPARED course offers focused instruction in each class to guide your partner to help during (and in between) contractions. This includes massage, movement, pressure, hot & cold, emotional support, and many other techniques. Kopa Birth® classes are just as much about preparing partners as they are about preparing mom for the experience of childbirth.

You want to know what to expect in an unfamiliar hospital setting.

Moms sometimes fear that their chances for a low-intervention, natural birth are slim to none if they give birth in a hospital. This simply is not true! Yes, hospitals do offer IVs, epidurals, inductions, and other interventions. But we’ll show you what to expect from the moment you walk into the hospital until the moment baby is born. We’ll also discuss specific interventions and the scenarios when interventions are and are not necessary.  And we’ll guide you on how to talk to your nurses and doctor/midwife with confidence to help convey your preferences.

You want to do all you can to prepare for a natural birth, but you're not opposed to intervention if it's necessary.

Preparing for a low-intervention, natural hospital birth requires deliberate practice and planning. Yet, birth can be unpredictable. Even the best preparation can’t help moms avoid every unexpected scenario.  Kopa Birth® will teach you how to practice and prepare for the birth outcome that you want, and will also encourage you to be flexible and to give yourself grace.  No judgment or shaming here!

Maybe this Course is Not The One For You If....

You dislike video instruction and would prefer reading or a PowerPoint presentation.

Kopa Birth® classes offer over 12 hours of high-quality video presentation. While we do have some written materials (like our 100+ page, full-color, downloadable course manual), couples should expect to be fully-engaged and participating throughout the course. You and your partner will be practicing breathing, positioning, and movement…as well as sitting back and taking in some fun, lecture-style instruction.  But if voice-over PowerPoints are your thing, this is not the course for you.

You distrust doctors/midwives and would never give birth in a hospital.

We understand — some people just don’t feel safe in a hospital. Maybe you’ve had negative experiences with doctors in the past, or you want to be more assured that interventions won’t even be offered to you.  While one main goal of Kopa Birth® online childbirth classes are to prepare couples with coping tools for natural birth, you would likely not find the instruction on hospital birth to be worth the time we spend on it. 

You will consider your birth a failure if you end up choosing an epidural.

For most first-time moms, natural childbirth will be the most challenging physical experience of your life. It’s hard work. And we are going to prepare you with ample tools to help you stay calm and in control during your contractions. But if your birth plan takes an unexpected turn and you need or want an intervention, that’s OK and it’s your informed choice to make. Really, honestly, truly…your birth is still a success!  Kopa Birth® teaches moms to have grace for themselves and will prepare you with the confidence to make the choices that are best for you. If you’d consider an epidural or pain medication to be a failure, our birth philosophy is probably not the best fit for you.

You're hoping for a quick birth overview and don't want to spend much time preparing.

The KOPA® PREPARED online childbirth classes are comprehensive, to say the least. We’re going to discuss general topics, like the signs of labor and when to go to the hospital. But we’re also going to go deep into subjects like baby’s position in the pelvis and positions you can try to help turn baby during labor.  Each class also gives you homework assignments to do throughout the week, such as practicing deep relaxation for 20 minutes every day that you can. This course is best for couples who want a thorough understanding of natural hospital birth and are determined to practice coping tools regularly.

More Praise for the Kopa Birth® Online Course

I developed some health problems at the end of my pregnancy. It turned out that I wasn’t even allowed to have an epidural due to my condition, so even though we desired a natural birth we were especially grateful we had taken the course! The breathing techniques got me through labor 🙂
Laura P.
Jordan natural birth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
Our birth experience was amazing. We had a natural and intervention-free birth, and my husband was an incredible coach. Your class was invaluable and prepared us so well for birth. I will be sure to recommend it any chance I get!
Jordan H.
Meredith H Kopa Birth natural childbirth
I loved the online childbirth class and it worked great for our schedules. I loved being able to go at our own pace, and to stop and discuss things. I was able to have a natural birth with the help of my husband and a doula!
Merideth H.
Alisha Shawn Natural Hospital Birth
The classes exceeded all of our expectations! We were able to birth our baby naturally, confidently, and happily!
Alisha & Shawn

Katie B's Experience with Kopa Birth® Online Childbirth Classes

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