Shape Your Healthy Pregnancy


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Nutrition & fitness for two

You’re supporting your baby’s growth and development with careful intention.

But sometimes your own well-being takes a back seat. Fatigue, the discomforts of pregnancy, and time constraints make it a challenge to prepare nutritious meals and exercise regularly.

We’ve taken the guesswork and inconvenience out of your nurturing yourself. With easy-to-follow, well-structured fitness and meal plans, you’ll build simple routines to increase your strength and take control of your health.


Fuel a well-balanced pregnancy

Mindful Eating

Enjoy one week of daily meal plans, thoughtfully prepared by a registered dietitian, to support your pregnancy with affordable and simple recipes. Delivered in a convenient digital format, these plans are your stepping stone to a well-nourished pregnancy.

Stephanie Whiting

Registered Dietitian

Mother of 6

Mindful Movement

Celebrate your strength with movements tailored to the unique needs of each trimester. Explore the essentials of prenatal fitness through instructional downloads and video demonstrations, enabling you to create a personalized routine that is both simple and effective.

Tatum Rebelle

Certified Personal Trainer

Mother of 2

Prenatal fitness & meal plans

access the


Real moms, real empowerment

“Amazed with what my mind & body was capable of!!”

I want to thank Katie and Kopa Birth as it allowed me to successfully have an unmedicated hospital birth. I will be forever grateful for Kopa Birth and the training it gave me. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards with what my body and mind was capable of!! We are so happy to have our baby home in our arms and so thankful for this community!!


“Absolutely transformative experience”

I was able to deliver him just like I dreamed; unmedicated and without any interventions. It was an absolutely transformative experience. I felt so empowered and grateful. Seeing my son fully alert immediately after birth and sharing those first moments together, completely aware of each other, was worth it all.


“Rewarding, validating, healing VBAC”

I need to thank Kopa for helping my husband and I feel prepared and calm! We had such a rewarding, validating, and healing VBAC experience! I am so thankful to have had such amazing support throughout the whole process. This birth was so great that it still feels surreal!


“This course was all I needed”

After lots of research, this course was all I wanted and needed in preparation for my first experience with birth. I feel so thankful for all this course taught both me and my partner. We had a successful, unmedicated vaginal birth (and no tearing!) and I wouldn’t change a thing about our experience. Thank you Katie and Kopa!


“You were a rockstar!”

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. God is so merciful and I am so thankful! After delivery, the nurse said, “I had to smile to myself when you were pushing the baby out. You said, “This is kind of uncomfortable.” Only uncomfortable? Well, yeah! You were mere seconds away from delivery! Great work, mama! You were a rockstar!!” Thank you, Kopa Birth, for giving me the tools for a manageable, natural labor and delivery!


“Unmedicated delivery in hospital with no fear”

“I had an unmedicated delivery in a hospital with my first baby with no fear! My husband went from feeling very nervous and uncertain if he wanted to watch the delivery, to feeling confident and being an excellent birth partner. Five stars!”


Registered dietitian & certified personal trainer

30-day money-back guarantee

Online streaming & self-paced

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