Free Online Birth Class

Enjoy free access to Class #1 of the Kopa® Birth Course

Free Online Birthing Class - Class #1 of the Kopa Birth Course
Free Online Birthing Class - Class #1 of the Kopa Birth Course

In this free hour-long class, transform your perception of childbirth and learn the crucial first steps to empower your natural hospital birth.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Tap into your power

Enhance your body’s innate ability to birth with a supportive, well-prepared, and intentionally chosen birth team.

The proven birth framework

How to apply a proven framework used by thousands of moms to simplify birth preparation and overcome the most common hurdles

Change your labor mindset

How to overcome the fear of pain in labor with practical tools to improve your mindset.

Introduction to movement

Learn how the right movements can improve your chances of achieving a vaginal birth, as you gain both strength and mobility.

Free Online Birthing Class - Class #1 of the Kopa Birth Course

The Free Online Birth Class Package Includes:

This first class of the Kopa® Birth Course clearly lays out the first steps you can take to achieve an empowering natural hospital birth.

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Frequently asked questions

No, all we need are a few details like name and email address to create your account. No credit card or payment information needed!

Once you submit your information and click “enroll,” you’ll receive an email to create a password. When that step is complete, you’re all set to log in at and start watching the class! If you don’t receive your password reset email within 10 minutes, contact us at [email protected].

For 14 days after signing up, you will have access to Class #1: A Foundation of Relaxation. You’ll also be able to stream our guided imagery and relaxation audio tracks to help you start practicing.
The paid Kopa Birth® Online Birthing Course includes 8 core classes with over 12 hours of video instruction, and bonus natural hospital birth footage. You’ll also be able to download our 100+ page course manual and our exclusive Meditations & Imagery for Labor audio tracks.

You can still log in to However, your class will not be available to view. To continue your birth prep, check out the comprehensive Kopa Birth® Online Birthing Course.

Countless moms have told us that this first free class was transformational in the way they viewed labor pain and their ability to cope with it.
Thousands of women have taken the Kopa Birth® Online Birth course and gone on to experience empowering and successful natural hospital births. While some elements of birth are unpredictable, you are completely in control of the way you prepare for birth. We’ll help you learn to manage labor pain with confidence, advocate for your preferences in the hospital, and make informed choices when unexpected events arise. You CAN have a natural birth in a hospital, and we’re here to help!