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“Beautiful and Wonderful Natural Birth Story”

We could not have been blessed with a more beautiful and wonderful natural birth story!!! We were very thankful for your class as it encouraged us and gave us the confidence we needed to know we could have a natural birth!! I will definitely recommend your class to others!!


“Recommended By My Midwife”

Kopa was amazing! We loved the classes and the time we got to spend together. This one was recommended by our midwife just 7 weeks before our due date. Thankfully, we were able to get it all in! I was able to use so many of the tools Kopa provided! It also helped me to make educated decisions. Sooo thankful for the Kopa Team!


“My Birth Plan Played Out Beautifully!”

I wanted to be more prepared for this birth since I was on bedrest this time (my first son was also unmedicated, but I had no idea what I was doing and the process.) Happy to say that my birth plan played itself out beautifully! Thank you for this course and giving my husband and I the tools to conquer a natural, unmedicated birth.


“Felt Prepared For Anything That Could Happen”

I was so grateful to have found the Kopa Birth classes just 4 weeks before my due date! My husband and I binge-watched and actively practiced everything we learned. I felt like I was more mentally prepared as I learned and practiced the relaxation techniques. The information about all the possible outcomes that could take place in the hospital also helped me feel prepared for anything that could happen. This course provided so much information about what happens to my body during pregnancy and during labor and delivery. The postpartum material was also so helpful. I had an unmedicated, natural birth and only minor tearing. I am grateful for the preparation this course gave me!


“Prepared To Manage Labor Pain”

My husband and I both watched the online birth course. It helped us both tremendously during labor! I had back labor, and we knew how to get through the contractions because of what we learned in the course. We both felt more prepared to manage labor pain, and it was very informative as to the whole labor process. I would recommend to everyone!


“Knowledge Is Power”

I loved this course! I felt really prepared for labor. I was able to go at my own pace with my hectic schedule, and LOVED that I had notes to go back to. Katie provided so many helpful questions that guided me at my OB appointments, which was particularly helpful since this is my first child. I highly recommended this course to two friends since having my daughter 9 months ago. Praise God, I was able to deliver my daughter without any pain medication and felt prepared to do so. Knowledge is power. Thank you, Katie.


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