Welcome to week 35 pregnancy! You are likely busy getting ready for your little one’s arrival, and it’s finally right around the corner. Let’s talk about your baby, your pregnancy

You’ve made it to week 36 of your pregnancy and are in the final stretch! Are you noticing changes in the way baby moves? Have you been feeling any contractions?

Congratulations on a huge milestone week! By the end of this week, week 37 pregnancy (35 weeks since your baby was conceived), your baby is officially full term! Let’s talk

Your baby is full term! Week 38 pregnancy marks 36 weeks since your baby was conceived, and as many as 30 or so weeks that you’ve known this little one

You’ve made it to week 39 of your pregnancy, and are probably so very eager to cross the finish line. What if you aren’t seeing any signs of labor yet?

It’s been 40 weeks — weeks which may feel simultaneously like they’ve dragged on and flown by. Your baby will be here very soon! Let’s talk about that beautiful pregnant

You counted down the days to week 40, waiting to finally meet your little one, and your due date came and went. You may be feeling disappointed, frustrated, or anxious.

You’ve made it to week eight! While your pregnancy isn’t evident to others yet, you likely feeling more and more physical symptoms of all of the changes happening in your

You are seven weeks pregnant, and while it may not be evident from the outside yet, you’re likely to be feeling some changes. Let’s take a look at what’s going

You’re six weeks pregnant, and you may be beginning to feel some changes in your body. You may also be shifting from frozen in surprise to planning for the future.

You’re 5 weeks pregnant and you have officially missed a period!  And if your pregnancy test wasn’t positive last week, you now have enough human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your

Welcome to the third trimester! This trimester starts in week 28 of your pregnancy and lasts until your baby is born. You may be feeling excited, nervous, or an ever-changing