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Thank you for your interest in joining the Kopa Birth® Doula Partners affiliate program! We’re excited to collaborate with you in our shared mission of helping couples experience positive, empowering births!

It was such an honor to be with them during their birth. Lindsey did unbelievably well, handling contractions with distractions and deep breathing. I don’t feel like I did much except watch a strong, amazing woman do exactly what her body was telling her to do. She gave birth 100% naturally and I am tearing up just remembering it! Amber, Doula to Lindsey & Keith

Prepared Couples

Your clients will be well-prepared to experience a calm natural birth and navigate the hospital environment with confidence.


  • 12+ hour course
  • Practical coping tools
  • Practice relaxation, breathing, and positioning

Extra Income

Receive $50 every time one of your referrals register for our online childbirth course.

Please note: The affiliate program is exclusively for the Kopa Birth online course. It does not apply to Kopa Birth local classes, which are taught by independent educators who set their own class rates.

Earn extra income as a doula partner affiliate


  • Easy online registration
  • Easy payment processing
  • Option to bundle services

Business Exposure

Highlight your doula services and draw traffic to your personal website through additional business exposure.



  • Inclusion on our local doula referral pages
  • Custom affiliate links
  • Receive buttons and banners for your website
Have you viewed the Kopa Birth® online childbirth course series yet?

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Personalized Labor Support

Please note: Viewing the full course is not a requirement to become a Doula Partners affiliate.

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As a birth professional, we are eager to help you learn more about the Kopa Birth® curriculum. Kopa® classes teach a wide variety of coping tools, including relaxation, labor positioning, and patterned breathing techniques. Although not required, viewing the course will help to familiarize you with the tools your couples will likely use during labor. This will enable you to provide the best labor support possible.

If a Kopa Birth® educator teaches live classes in your local area, contact her to see if you can attend a group class for free. Attending a live class can take the place of viewing the online class.

Kopa Birth® Doula Partners receive discounted, fully-refundable access to view the KOPA PREPARED® online childbirth course series. The $50 course fee provides you with 5 months of online course access, and the cost will be fully refunded to you after your first referral. Simply follow the steps below to receive the course discount:

Step 1

Fill out the form below and submit your application to be a Kopa Birth® Doula Partners affiliate.

Step 2

Receive email confirmation and access to purchase the online course at our birth professionals discounted price.

Step 3

Start referring your friends and clients! In addition to your $50 referral bonus, receive a full refund for the cost of your online class purchase with your first referral.

Which of your clients might benefit from the Kopa Birth® online childbirth course?

Kopa Birth®
Online Classes for Natural Birth

There are many childbirth courses that you can refer your clients to. But which of your clients would most benefit from a Kopa Birth® course? If your couples have voiced any of the following feelings, they may find a good fit with the Kopa Birth® curriculum.

  • "I want to learn many different coping tools to help me stay calm and in control during labor."

    Kopa Birth® classes expose couples to a wide variety of coping tools to help mom manage contractions with calm and confidence. Don’t fear birth! PREPARE for birth!

  • "I want my partner to be well-prepared to support me during a natural birth."

    Kopa Birth® classes prepare both mom AND partner for childbirth. Partners will be prepared to support momr through massage, movement, pressure, hot & cold, and many other techniques.

  • "I want to know what to expect in a hospital setting."

    The Kopa Birth® curriculum was created by a Registered Nurse and offers a unique perspective on how to prepare for a low-intervention, natural hospital birth.

  • "I want to do all I can to prepare for a natural birth, but I'm not anti-intervention when necessary."

    Birth can be unpredictable. Kopa Birth® offers instruction on the pros and cons of common interventions, allowing couples the freedom to be flexible.

  • "I want to have a positive relationship with my doctor or midwife."

    Kopa Birth® will help your couples know what questions to ask during their prenatal visions and how to best communicate their plans for a natural hospital birth.

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