The Kopa Birth® Team is comprised of a wide variety of experienced pre & postnatal professionals. Our goal is to provide you with premiere preparation for a healthy pregnancy, a satisfying birth, and a rewarding postnatal experience.

Katie Griffin, Founder, RN, BSN, LCCE, CCCE.

Katie Griffin

Katie Griffin

Katie is the founder of Kopa Birth®, and the lead of curriculum development. In 2008, Katie combined her experience as a Registered Nurse, natural-birthing mother, and Lamaze certified childbirth educator to develop a curriculum aimed to prepare couples for empowering, low-intervention, natural births. This powerful approach to birth evolved over the years from the Confident Childbirth Method® into the Kopa Birth® we know and love today! Katie, a mother of 5, has personally prepared hundreds of couples to experience natural birth, and she strives to empower moms and partners to make their own best choices during birth. In addition to group and private classes, Katie is the instructor for the KOPA® PREPARED online course series.

Celeste Goodson, BS, CMES.

Celeste is a mom of 3 and ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, allowing her to train special populations such as those with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and metabolic conditions, cleared by physicians. Celeste has worked along side physical therapists, cardiac nurses, worked in aquatic therapy settings and numerous gyms the last 15 years. Since 2009, she has focused on helping women specifically strengthen their core (ReCORE and FITsplint) pre and post-partum for labor, delivery and recovery before returning to typical or elite exercise. Celeste has developed ways to help screen, assess and strengthen the inner core progressively (pelvic floor, transverse abs, diaphragm, multifidus) even for those dealing with diastasis recti.

Celeste Goodson, Kopa Partner

Seth Griffin, MBA, Birth Partner.

Seth is a dad of 5 and an MBA graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology. Though he has never given birth himself, he represents the voice of customer for men that quietly support loved ones striving for a great birth experience. Over the years, Seth has developed strategy, implemented new technologies, grown in large corporations, and stretched in startups. He manages marketing, operations, technology, finances, support, and generally keeping people happy at Kopa Birth®. He’s been beside Katie for the journey of Kopa Birth® since its beginning and looks forward to many exciting years ahead.

Celeste Goodson, Kopa Partner

Tatum Rebelle, Certified Personal Trainer.

Tatum is the founder of Total Mommy FitnessTM and brings with her a host of knowledge and experience in fitness and women’s health to Kopa Birth®. She served in the army where she began her career fitness training. After the military she achieved personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, Moms in Motion – SWA Fitness Education, and Maternal and Infant Nutrition – Nutrition Dimension. She went on to obtain a BS and MBA from TCU and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Performance Psychology to better help women with mental and physical obstacles of living a healthy life. She strongly believes “it does not take much equipment to stay in great shape. Just a little knowledge about how the body works and some creativity.”

Tatum Rebelle

Bonnie Stafford, Master Babywearing Educator.

Bonnie is an accredited Master Babywearing Educator, certified through Babywearing International, Inc. She is also a mother and a babywearing consultant in private practice. Bonnie’s mission is to help parents thrive in their role of caregiver, and she views babywearing as tool to enable parents to both care for their newborn and accomplish the tasks of everyday life. Bonnie prepares Kopa Birth® couples to adjust to parenthood by presenting the basics of safe newborn babywearing.

Bonnie Stafford

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