KOPA® Prenatal Bundle

About the Prenatal Bundle.

The KOPA® Prenatal Bundle offers a suite of materials that will help you experience a well rounded pregnancy and a smooth transition to parenthood. This bundle features more classes, additional audio downloads, and our signature Kopa Partner Labor Guides®. It is especially designed for our Kopa Birth® local course couples looking for additional preparation and practice for their upcoming birth experience.

How to Purchase the $59 Prenatal Bundle

The Kopa® Prenatal Bundle is available for purchase exclusively for local childbirth class participants. Your Kopa Birth® instructor will create an online account for you after you register and/or attend your first class. The offer to purchase the bundle can be found on the homepage of your online course material.

Check out the lessons in this bundle!

More Kopa® Classes

  • Prenatal Fitness
  • Relaxation Triggers
  • Newborn Babywearing Basics

More Kopa® Audio

  • “Affirmations for Labor”
  • “Touch Relaxation”
  • “Touch Relaxation” with instructions

More Kopa® Downloads

  • Kopa® Meal Plans
  • Positions for Labor Guide®
  • Sensory Techniques Guide®
  • Pushing Positions Guide®

Detailed Course Features.

Prenatal Fitness: Fitness Instruction & Workouts for Each Trimester

Maintain a fit and healthy pregnancy through safe and effective pregnancy workouts! Certified Personal Trainer Tatum Rebelle presents the facts on exercise in pregnancy, dispels common myths, and offers prenatal fitness routines catered to each trimester of pregnancy. Instructional videos are included to demonstrate each exercise.

Relaxation Triggers® Class

Relaxation Triggers are another tool mom can use to diversify her guided imagery practice and add depth to the rituals she uses in labor. This class is presented by Rachel Gray, a Certified Recreational Therapist, and offers a more advanced, hypno-style approach to relaxation. The Relaxation Triggers class is intended to supplement the KOPA PREPARED® course instruction on deep relaxation.

Newborn Babywearing Basics

Newborn Babywearing Basics is a video-based class presented by Master Babywearing Educator, Bonnie Stafford. The class highlighgts the many benefits of babywearing, and offers key principles to ensure baby’s safety. Bonnie also demonstrates the common holds and carriers that can facilitate a successful babywearing experience in the newborn phase.

Positive “Affirmations for Labor” audio download

“Positive Affirmations for Birth” offers positive, encouraging mantras to build your confidence in your ability to give birth.

“Touch Relaxation” audio download with instructions

“Touch Relaxation” offers an interactive script for mom’s and partners to practice the skill of touch relaxation together.

Kopa® Meal Plans during pregnancy

A healthy baby begins with a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy pregnancy is centered in good nutrition. Kopa Birth®’s Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Whiting, has created one week of daily, nutritious and practical meal plans to support a healthy pregnancy. The recipes use affordable, accessible ingredients to create meals that you and your family are sure to love.

Positions for Labor Partner Labor Guide®

The Positions for Labor Partner Labor Guide® features techniques and positions to help pro-mote mom’s comfort, facilitate movement, en-courage ideal fetal positioning, and work to alleviate back pain in labor. Use this visual guide in conjunction with your class instruction and course manual to help guide mom into a wide variety of comfort-promoting positions during labor.

Sensory Techniques Partner Labor Guide®

The Sensory Techniques Partner Labor Guide® reinforces ways to involve mom’s senses in her coping rituals. Doing so will deepen her relax-ation and keep her coping rituals from becoming stale. Use this visual guide in conjunction with your class instruction and course manual to en-hance mom’s coping skills and birth experience.

Pushing Positions Partner Labor Guide®

The Pushing Positions Partner Labor Guide® features the most common positions for pushing, as well as brief descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of each position.