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Find a Doula for Your Natural Birth!

Kopa Birth® has launced a new program to partner with labor doulas to further help you have a positive, natural birth! All of our local doula partners are certified doulas and are familiar with the tools you have learned in your Kopa Birth® childbirth class. Consider working with one of these doulas to help support you and your partner during your natural birth!

Having a doula that knew the positions and breathing techniques I’d practiced made all the difference. With the help of my husband and doula, I was able to have my first natural birth!Sabrina L.

What are the benefits of inviting a labor doula to my birth?

A doula is a trained labor assistant that provides emotional and physical support during childbirth. Studies have found that women who receive continuous, one-on-one support during labor and delivery are*:

1. More likely to have a vaginal birth that starts without intervention
2. Less likely to use pain medication in labor
3. More satisfied with their births
4. Have shorter labors
5. Less likely to have a cesarean

In addition to the support of your partner, labor doulas can play a valuable role in helping you have a safe and happy birth experience. Way to go, doulas!

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Please Note.
We do not endorse the services of the doulas included in Doula Partners list. We can, however, verify that they have participated in a Kopa Birth® local or online course and are familiar with the tools and techniques taught in Kopa Birth® childbirth classes. We encourage you to research and interview your doula.


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