Just when you felt like you and your baby settled into a nice breastfeeding pattern, did they just start breastfeeding every hour? Do you suddenly feel like you’re spending your

When bottle feeding, you can see the ounces disappear into your little one and feel reassured that you know how much they’re eating. There isn’t that visual validation with breastfeeding.

When it comes to feeding your precious little one, you might be wondering if it’s best to feed on a schedule or respond to your baby’s cues. Embracing the early

Today, let’s talk about something that’s often on the minds of new parents: figuring out if your baby is hungry. Recognizing your baby’s feeding cues is key to ensuring they

Have you ever seen a mom breastfeeding while corralling her older kids at the playground? Or breastfeeding while working on a laptop? Or while eating at the dinner table like

The last thing a new breastfeeding mom needs is for her milk-makers to start hurting! Sore breasts can be an alarming experience, and it’s best to get to the bottom

Can you imagine it? The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives! You endure your last push, feel the relief of your baby exiting your body, and hear that sweet newborn

If you’re preparing for a Cesarean delivery, then you know you’ll face a unique recovery. But what about breastfeeding after a C-section? You might be asking one of the following

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Sore. Swollen. Sensitive. Your breasts can change a lot during pregnancy and in the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Surely, your changing body can cause

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably here to find answers and relief as soon as possible! Cracked nipples, infected nipples, painful pumping, nipple soreness, or any form of breastfeeding

Besides an occasional hot dog or Starburst, I like to know what ingredients are in the food I eat. (With that hot dog or Starburst, however, it’s just better to

“Ah! What is happening?!” This might be one of your first thoughts as you first see milk coming out of your breasts. You’re not alone, mama! Producing breast milk is

Should I breastfeed my baby? How many months should I nurse? Is breast milk that much better than formula? Is it worth it if I go back to work? If

A newborn is born with some simple yet impressive talents, namely sleeping, eating, and pooping.  And overnight a new parent’s life is utterly consumed with worry about…you guessed it…their baby’s