I never knew how wonderful, how magical it was to give birth.

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It’s been almost a year since our beautiful daughter was born and I could not have asked for a better birth.  I have been meaning to thank you ever since!

My water broke at 3AM on Halloween day. I went in to see the midwives at Intown Midwifery that morning to be sure all was OK. My husband and I returned home (got some rest) and by noon we were in serious labor-mode. I used the birth ball exclusively and just needed the basic slow paced breathing to get me through the contractions. I felt so calm and so focused – your classes are completely to credit for that.

We checked into Atlanta Medical Center at 3PM and I was dilated 8CM! It was amazing to hear that I was so far along. At that point the contractions were seriously INTENSE and it was nearly torture to watch as the tub SLOWLY filled with water. 🙂

I labored in the tub and started my pushing (they weren’t kidding when they said that the toilet, of all things, works for pushing!!). I delivered in the water with a wonderful husband supporting me (both figuratively and literally!!) Our daughter, March Roy H., was born at 6:22PM. She was a healthy 7lb 14.5oz and 20″ long. Just perfect.

I never knew how wonderful, how magical it was to give birth. Until taking your class, and having done it myself – I didn’t realize that it was never something that should be feared. I look back on it with awe. The only thing that eclipses such an amazing event is the past year with her. Seeing her grow, sit, stand, talk, walk – I feel so lucky to be a mom.

So, thank you, for opening my eyes to such an important and life-changing event!

Best Wishes,
Danielle, Tommy and March