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Classes for Natural Birth

Online Birthing Classes.

Our online childbirth classes allow you to prepare for a natural childbirth in the comfort of your own home, 24/7.



  • 8 comprehensive video classes
  • 12+ hours of instruction
  • Natural hospital birth footage
  • Mock labor experience
  • Relaxation audio track & course manual downloads
  • 100% risk-free, 30-day, money back GUARANTEE!
  • KOPA® meal plans
  • Relaxation triggers class
  • Prenatal Fitness Program
  • Newborn babywearing basics
  • Partner labor guides
  • additional audio downloads



  • 8 comprehensive video classes
  • 12+ hours of instruction
  • Natural hospital birth footage
  • Mock labor experience
  • Relaxation audio track & course manual downloads
  • 100% risk-free, 30-day, money back GUARANTEE!
  • Kopa® Meal Plans
  • Relaxation Triggers Class
  • Prenatal Fitness Program
  • Newborn Babywearing Basics
  • Partner Labor Guides
  • Additional audio downloads
Kopa Birth Online Birthing Classes offer a money back guarantee

100% risk-free, 30-day, money back GUARANTEE!

No worries, you can purchase a KOPA® PREPARED online childbirth course with confidence! We guarantee that our online birthing classes will help you feel more confident and prepared for childbirth, or we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Well-Prepared, Happy Couples!

Read what other couples have to say about their experience with Kopa Birth® childbirth classes!

Sabrina L Natural Hospital Birth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
After two cesareans, I had a natural delivery with no complications, in large part due to the tools I learned in the Kopa classes. I was able to focus on my body and baby, knowing that this was a natural process I was made to do.Sabrina L.
Nyla natural childbirth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
I kept telling the Hubbs that we needed coaching if we were going to have a natural birth with our very first child. He left raving about the class and that it was worth every penny! I was able to have a successful, natural birth experience. Yay!!Nyla P.
Michele natural hospital birth with Kopa Birth natural childbirth classes
I was able to do the entire labor without an epidural which I know was only because of your class. I was able to breathe and moan (which I never thought I would be a vocal person) through the contractions. I just wanted to thank you for preparing us for that experience. I can’t tell you the difference it made for us!
Michele M.
Jordan natural birth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
Our birth experience was amazing. We had a natural and intervention-free birth, and my husband was an incredible coach. Your class was invaluable and prepared us so well for birth. I will be sure to recommend it any chance I get!Jordan H.
Laura P natural birth with Kopa Birth online childbirth classes
I developed some health problems at the end of my pregnancy. It turned out that I wasn’t even allowed to have an epidural due to my condition, so even though we desired a natural birth we were especially grateful we had taken the course! The breathing techniques got me through labor 🙂Laura P.

Check out a sample of the instruction you’ll receive in your
KOPA® PREPARED online birthing classes!

Start preparing for your natural birth!

Giving birth may be the most powerful, challenging, REWARDING experience of your life.

Yet preparing for childbirth is as easy as 1-2-3:

Online birthing classes - Powerful Coping Tools

1 – Powerful Coping Tools.

Kopa Birth® has prepared over a thousand couples to experience a positive, empowering birth. Now it's your turn to learn and practice practical, evidence-based, tried-and-true coping tools that really work.

Online Birthing Classes - Informed Decision Making

2 – Informed Decision Making.

Learn about the common interventions that are most likely to be offered to you in the hospital. Kopa Birth's® unbiased, evidence-based perspective will enable you to make informed healthcare choices with confidence.

Online Birthing Classes - Open Communication

3 – Open Communication.

Open communication with your doctor or midwife is vital when your goal is a low-intervention, natural birth. Kopa Birth® is here to guide you. Learn what questions to ask and how to best convey your plans for a natural birth.

I had my baby and was able to do so completely natural! This class really helped me feel confident in my husband and his role in the birth of our son.Rachel G.

Rachel G natural childbirth with kopa birth online birthing classes

Benefits of Online Birthing Classes

  • Inhibition Free!

    Labor and birth preparation in an intimate journey. Online birthing classes enable you to learn in the privacy of your own home.

  • Ultimate Convenience

    Online birthing classes can be viewed anytime, anywhere on a computer, tablet, or phone. No need for babysitters, long commutes, and scheduling conflicts!

  • Rewind Button

    For some learners, repetition of coping techniques and other class materials is essential. Online birthing classes enable you to review the lessons over and over as needed.


Kopa Birth® is here to guide you. We offer a variety of local and online birthing classes to prepare you and your partner for an amazing birth experience.

Alisha and Shawn natural childbirth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
The classes exceeded all of our expectations! We were able to birth our baby naturally, confidently, and happily!Alisha & Shawn

Meet Your Instructor for the KOPA® PREPARED
Online Birthing Class Series

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Year Founded


Alisha and Shawn natural childbirth with Kopa Birth online birthing classes
I felt so prepared for birth, and also made great friendships in my group class! It’s almost a year later and I still keep in touch with and visit some of the other moms and babies from our class.Brooke D.

Kopa Birth® Local, Instructor-Led Courses.

Not a online-course person? Want to have a hands on experience? Try these Instructor-Led Courses.

Intensive Class


Prices vary per location and instructor.
  • 1 day, 7-hour group class
  • 7 hours of instruction
  • Class max 8 couples
  • Online access to select practice videos and downloads
  • Printed copy of Kopa Birth® Saturday Intensive Class manual

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Private Classes


Prices vary per location and instructor.
  • Package #1: 1, 7-hour private class
  • Package #2: 2, 3-hour private classes
  • Package #3: 1, 3-hour private class
  • Printed copy of Kopa Birth®Private Class manual
  • Taught in your own home

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Online Birthing Classes vs Local Childbirth Classes

Deciding between a Kopa Birth® online birthing class and one of our local classes can be a difficult decision. Consider the following points to see which of our childbirth classes is the best fit for you:

  • Social Dynamic

    Local Kopa Birth® childbirth classes offer a sense of community as you mingle and learn with other expectant couples. On the other hand, online birthing classes give you access to a private mentor any time of the day.

  • Class Format

    A local, live childbirth class enables the instructor to be flexible and answer questions that arise in the moment. In our online birthing classes, your instructor will ask follow-up questions and allow for self-reflection and practice before moving on to the next subject.

  • Skill Mastery

    Breathing techniques, comfort positions and relaxation skills will be the focus of your course. Kopa Birth® local childbirth educators offer instant feedback and correction that only a face-to-face class can provide. On the other hand, the accessibility of watching an online class over and over again is hard to beat.

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Class #1: A Foundation of Relaxation

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