Achieve a low-intervention, natural birth in a hospital

Even if you're a first-time mom with low pain tolerance.

Join the 20,000+ moms we've helped prepare for unmedicated birth in a hospital

Kristen J.
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I had an unmedicated delivery in hospital with my first baby with no fear!
Rachael L.
Atlanta, GA
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I felt emotionally prepared to deal with the pain and the emotional toll of labor.
Jamie T.
Las Vegas, NV
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I was able to use the breathing and manage my labor pain well.
Lindsay E.
Lillington, NC
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I was given all the tools to manage pain and knew what to expect.
Jason L.
Denver, PA
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I felt much better prepared for the whole process and understood my role in it.
Emily F.
Atlanta, GA
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We ended up employing several of the techniques!
Rachael L.
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This was the best birth prep possible. I felt emotionally prepared to deal with the pain and the emotional toll of labor.
Susan F.
Valhalla, NY
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Had everything we could have hoped for in a birth course.
Nadia Z.
Mableton, GA
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I definitely felt more confident in my abilities and choices.
Chepachet, RI
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With the breathing techniques and other pain management strategies, I was able to have an unmedicated birth at a hospital.
Heather M.
Chicago, IL
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The pain management tools absolutely prepare you to be confident enough to have a natural hospital birth.
Brittany H.
Wake Forest, NC
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I've had two babies medication free in the hospital now and each time I felt super in control and labor was very manageable!
Stephanie A.
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Ended up having to be induced in a hospital setting but was able to use tools to have a natural delivery.
Abigail O.
State College, PA
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I was so thankful I could avoid the epidural and I felt informed.
Nikolett C.
Ober Urdorf, Switzerland
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"I was able to manage labor pain unmedicated, and have a beautiful natural birth. 🙂 Thank you Katie again!"
Nina V.
Palatine, IL
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I was able to deliver my daughter without any pain medication and felt prepared to do so. Knowledge is power.
K. P.
Segeltorp, Sweden
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We've had two wonderfully positive natural births and are excited to have one more.
Nanyamka M.
Atlanta, GA
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My partner and I were able to have a seamless natural birth with all the methods they gave us.
Jessica H.
Lawrenceville, GA
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I encourage my friends that they absolutely can have a natural childbirth.
Amanda O.
Charlotte, NC
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We had the confidence to advocate for ourselves in the hospital!
Joyce D.
Willow Grove, PA
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Successful vbac
Rebecca H.
Suwanee, GA
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I was very confident in my body's ability to manage labor, and I knew that what I wanted could be respected by the providers if I advocated for myself.
Korey M.
Tacoma, WA
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I only pushed for an hour and a half which was an amazing experience and I felt so prepared.
Heather R.
Bessemer, AL
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I had more confidence in communicating to the doctors and nurses my needs and also my desires.
Jane S.
Haddon Heights, NJ
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I wanted to try medication free and be fully present for the birth. Without the class I would not have been able to manage the pain as well.
Lauren B.
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I would absolutely recommend Katie's course to any moms looking to have a natural birth!
Giovanna B.
Mount Laurel, NJ
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All ideas were presented in a clear manner with participation and practice encouraged.
M. B.
Dallas, TX
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The Kopa course was easy to follow with great guidance.
Lindsay R.
Long Beach, CA
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Kopa provided me and my husband with the knowledge we needed and wanted for welcoming our first child.
Brittany S.
Stafford, TX
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The birth course was incredibly helpful for me and particularly my husband in preparing for the birth and in helping me manage the labor pains.
Philadelphia, PA
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Wonderful class. Short, to the point, helpful, and awesome to do some practice within the class vs just a lecture.
Tee C.
Washington, DC
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This class is AWESOME and me and hubs highly recommend!!
Edwin B.
Myerstown, PA
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This course was great. Definitely worth the money!
Washington, DC
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Great! Very helpful and informative.
MaryBeth B.
Decatur, GA
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Very informative. Glad I took it
Jenny M.
Atlanta, GA
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I had a terrific experience learning different ways to manage labor pain and what to expect in a natural birth at the hospital.
Julie S.
Port Byron, IL
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Kopa birth was instrumental in helping me have a successful natural birth. I had so many tools to cope with pain naturally and I understood everything the doctors had me go through.
Jessica S
Rome, GA
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I've taken these courses before all 3 of my natural hospital births. I'm so thankful for Kopa's help.
Debbie N.
New York, NY
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Thanks for creating an accessible learning program for those of us that would like to be in the hospital setting but with natural options as a part of it.
Beth B.
Decatur, GA
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This class was so helpful to navigate a successful, intervention free birth.

Feeling excited about natural birth...yet nervous & unsure how to make it happen?

There are three common fears blocking your confidence and sabotaging your ability to achieve an unmedicated birth in a hospital.

The fear of labor pain.

You’ve never felt significant pain before, and you have a pretty low pain tolerance. You’re nervous that you won’t be able to handle the pain of labor. 

The fear of the unknown.

You’re afraid to go into labor unprepared and uneducated. You want to know all the details of the birth process, what to expect, and how to deal with each scenario.

The fear of labor interventions.

You don’t like the feeling that things are just being done to you in a medical setting without your understanding and full consent.

Introducing Kopa Birth's proven framework

Implement Kopa Birth’s simple & proven framework to achieve your dream of a low-intervention, unmedicated birth in a hospital.

Enact a step-by-step approach to labor coping

We help moms and their partners implement a proven, step-by-step approach to coping well with the changing intensity of labor pain. You’ll know what tools to use in early labor, pushing, and every phase in between.

Develop birthing skills & confidence.

Don’t listen to naysayers who make you doubt your strength. We’ll teach you practical, tangible skills to unleash your birthing ability. With a thorough understanding of the birth process and labor interventions, you’ll approach birth with flexibility and confidence.

Take control of your birth experience.

We empower moms to take back control of their choices during birth. Your partner will provide emotional and physical support and help you advocate. And you’ll build a relationship of trust with your doctor based on open communication and informed decision-making.

An empowering, positive birth experience awaits you

You have the power to educate yourself, practice labor coping tools, and make the very best choices for you and your baby during labor. Listen to how other moms are doing it, too!