“I felt confident entering labor…”

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“Just wanted to update you on the birth of out daughter…We attended your one day class…and then delivered her two weeks later.  Labor progressed quickly, but I honestly believe that I would not have successfully carried out my wishes for a drug free delivery without your help.  I felt confident entering labor, and I was focused on staying relaxed and out of the pain/tension cycle.  My recovery was better, and the experience was undoubtedly more enjoyable than my first (with pitocin augmentation and then an epidural).  Thank you so much, and I wish you continued success.”

Jenny, quoted above, is a pediatrication and later wrote:
“I was impressed by the practical approach you took, and really appreciated how delicately you spoke about the fact that some practitioners may advocate for medications when they may not be necessary–but still were clear that sometimes (in 2010) we should take advantage of medical advancements that have been made since the time ladies had babies in the fields.”  Jenny Paul, MD