“Ryan said the class was the best thing he could have done to prepare for labor.”

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“Just wanted to let you know that Ryan and I welcomed our son into the world [last week].  He was 8lbs, 8 oz and 21 inches long. We had an amazing drug-free waterbirth at AMC with Anjli Aurora (Intown Midwifery).  Ryan was a wonderful coach and we used lots of things from your class.  My water broke at 5:30am, so we spent the day distracting ourselves with shopping, a movie, and dinner before being admitted to the hospital around 6:30pm. He was born at 1:37am, so the timing was great. We used the different positions learned in your class, and although he emerged anterior, I had back labor the whole time, so they were very useful! We were able to get through using slow-paced breathing and never had to escalate beyond that. And Ryan did a great job of bringing me back to the confident cycle the few times I veered off course. It was very helpful for both of us to know the stages of labor and what to expect during each of them – when I thought I was going to die during the ring of fire, I remembered that it meant I was so close to being finished – that helped me get through! Ryan said taking the class was the best thing he could have done to prepare for labor. So thanks so much – we were able to make it through naturally with the help of your class!”  Jane and Ryan W.