“My birth experience was a really positive one…”

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I wanted to write to you and let you know we welcomed our second son last week and I was able to use a lot of your suggestions from the Kopa Birth class to labor at home.  I attended your class two years ago but wasn’t able to use many of your techniques the first time (my water broke and they gave me Pitocin, which led to me getting an epidural). This time though, irregular contractions started at 4am and were intermittent throughout the morning. They started to get more regular in the afternoon and we waited until they were 4 min apart for an hour lasting a minute each.  Distraction was key the whole morning.  I did laps around the house every time I had a contraction.  By the time I called the doctor in the afternoon and she saw me, I was 6-7cm dilated. It was so much better laboring at home and not being hooked to a bed for the contractions. At the hospital, I told them I was undecided about the epidural and they allowed me to walk around. A few hours later (epidural free), the doctor broke my water and with 11 min of pushing, our baby boy was here! Thank you so much for teaching the class the way you did.  My birth experience was a really positive one and I had control of my body the whole time, which was great.

Best, Cathy C., Atlanta GA