How to Provide a Clean Catch Urine Sample

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how to provide a clean catch urine sample

You’re about to attend your first prenatal visit, and you’ll likely be asked to provide a urine sample. Believe it or not, there’s an art to peeing in a cup!

Learn how to provide a clean catch urine sample:

1. You’ll be provided with a small sterile cup. Place or write your name on the outside label of the cup using the sticker or marker provided. Open the cup and set the lid on the counter.

2. There will be a box of disposable wipes that look similar to alcohol wipes. Grab one or two.

3. Gently spread open the labia and wipe from front to back using the disposable wipes. You’re going to continue to hold the labia open while you pee so to keep the area as clean as possible for the urine catch.

4. Don’t collect the first part of the urine stream, because this may contain bacteria and is considered dirty.  So, pee for a second before you start collecting the urine.

5. Begin collecting the urine specimen in the middle of the stream.

6. You don’t need to fill the entire cup. Fill it about half-way with urine, put the lid on the cup, and wipe it off.  (Note: Be careful at this point in the game.  Many a pregnant woman has accidentally spilled the cup of urine on herself while trying to wrestle with the lid, so take your time!)  Place the urine specimen in the cabinet box or wherever you’ve been instructed by your nurse.

Voila! You’ve provided your first clean catch urine sample! Good luck with that prenatal visit!

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