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Updated on January 23rd, 2021 // by Katie Griffin

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Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. We created this list of the top 5 prenatal yoga classes in Houston, TX to help you find the perfect class for you!

We’ve created a list of the top five classes for prenatal yoga Houston has to offer. These classes have all been recommended to be included on this list. Use it as a springboard to find the best prenatal yoga class to fit your schedule and style

Here’s our list of top prenatal yoga classes in Houston, brought to you by Kopa Birth:

Kopa Birth®

Kopa Birth® offers local and online childbirth classes to prepare couples for natural birth. Practice deep relaxation, breathing techniques, labor positions, and much more. Kopa Birth® can help you prepare for an amazing natural birth!
Website: www.kopabirth.com/

Video-based, Online Childbirth Classes
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Prenatal Yoga Houston TX

Joy Yoga
This age-old practice keeps you limber, tones your muscles, and improves your balance and circulation throughout pregnancy. By practicing ujjayi breathing and relaxation techniques, you’ll be better primed for the physical and mental strain of labor.
Phone: (713) 868-YOGA (9642).
Website: www.joyyogacenter.com/prenatal-yoga.html
Address: 4500 Washington Avenue, Suite 900, Houston, TX 77007

Texas Yoga Center
Our regular yoga classes are customized so much that prenatal moms may attend the regular yoga classes with no problems. We will be guiding you throughout the class with modifications. We have had many babies born the day after a yoga class!
Phone: 281-859-5566
Website: texasyogacenter.com
Address: 7620 Cherry Park Dr. Suite F, Houston, TX 77095

The Motherhood Center
During your pregnancy it’s important to set aside time for yourself. Prenatal yoga gives expecting moms the opportunity to relax, breathe, and connect with their baby. Our yoga classes will help you ease the discomforts of your pregnancy and help prepare your body for childbirth.
Phone: 713-963-8880
Website: www.motherhoodcenter.com
Address: 3701 W. Alabama Ste 230, Houston, TX 77027

Alcove Yoga
The class is 90 minutes of Asana (postures) and pranayama (regulation of breath), followed by a balanced, nutritious dinner served in the dining room. Relieve stress, remove backache, and reduce swelling and other uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. A unique offering available only at Alcove Yoga.
Phone: 832-942-8240
Website: www.alcoveyoga.com
Address: 637 Cortlandt St. Houston, TX 77007

Pregnant mothers new to yoga, yoga students and even experienced yoga teachers will enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga prenatally at Pralaya Yoga Studio. Many pregnant mothers have enjoyed the many benefits of practicing Pralaya Yoga during their pregnancy.
Phone: 713.953.9642
Address: 2303 Dunlavy Street, Houston, TX 77006

Do you have a recommendation of a prenatal yoga class in Houston that should be included on this list? Please, tell us! Contact Kopa Birth® for possible inclusion on this list. Reference “Prenatal yoga Houston TX.”

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Updated on January 23rd, 2021 // by Katie Griffin Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. We created this list of the top