5 Prenatal Yoga Classes In Orlando, FL


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Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. We created this list of the top 5 prenatal yoga classes in Orlando, FL to help you find the perfect class for you!

We’ve created a list of the top five classes for prenatal yoga Orlando has to offer. These classes have all been recommended to be included on this list. Use it as a springboard to find the best prenatal yoga class to fit your schedule and style

Here’s our list of top prenatal yoga classes in Orlando, brought to you by Kopa Birth:

Kopa Birth®

Kopa Birth® offers local and online childbirth classes to prepare couples for natural birth. Practice deep relaxation, breathing techniques, labor positions, and much more. Kopa Birth® can help you prepare for an amazing natural birth!
Website: www.kopabirth.com/

Video-based, Online Childbirth Classes
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• 8 comprehensive video classes
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Prenatal Yoga Orlando FL

College Park Yoga
This unique style of prenatal yoga practice is led at CPY in a very safe and effective manner since 2001. Feel free to join them at any class. They would love to have you!
Phone: (407) 999-7871
Website: http://collegeparkyoga.com/classes-prenatal-seniors-easy.html
Address: 3029 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804

Full Circle Yoga
Prenatal yoga classes especially geared toward the needs of expecting women and new mothers. The classes include work on breath awareness, flexibility, and strength to help make pregnancy more comfortable and prepare the body for birth. Open to all levels.
Phone: (407) 644-3288
Website: http://www.fullcircleyoga.com/classes/
Address: 972B Orange Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789

Inspirit Yoga
Did you know that prenatal yoga may also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health? Prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies.
Phone: (407) 203-6866
Website: https://inspirityogastudio.com/prenatal-yoga-need-know/
Address: 7575 Kingspointe Pkwy #21, Orlando, FL 32819

Serendipity Yoga
Serendipity Yoga specializes in women’s and children’s yoga and wellness. Whether you are inviting conception, celebrating your pregnancy, meeting your baby, or watching your kids
grow, Serendipity Yoga will support, educate and empower.
Phone: (407) 745-1833
Website: http://www.serendipity-yoga.com/prenatal-yoga.html
Address: 1579 Lake Baldwin Ln, Orlando, FL 32814

The Yoga Shala
doing yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful way to connect to your changing body and your growing baby. Expectant mothers get to enjoy practicing yoga in a room with others and get the individual attention, modifications and care needed during her special time. There is Beginner or Mysore that expectant mommies can come to learn pre-natal yoga with us.
Phone: (407) 487-4489
Website: www.theyogashala.org/
Address: 3013 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804

Do you have a recommendation of a prenatal yoga class in Orlando that should be included on this list? Please, tell us! Contact Kopa Birth® for possible inclusion on this list. Reference “Prenatal yoga Orlando FL”.

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Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. We created this list of the top 5 prenatal yoga classes in Orlando, FL to help