“Thank you for your UH-Mazing class!”

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Hello Gwynne,

We just would like to thank you for your UH-Mazing class! You were nothing less than Awesome!!! I had what most say “The Perfect Birth,” especially since it was my first one!

The night before I had our precious little one, I was at our friends house with my hubby having a grand time!! I laughed all night while having painless Braxton Hicks!! We timed them for a while, but they were sporadic. Around 5:00am the next day I had the urge to pee, but the sleep was too good (lol). I finally decided to go potty, when I was making my way back to bed….my water broke! I calmly woke my husband up and he woke up crazy (lol)! I was calmer than him!!! As he packed his bag (yes he procrastinated) I called my friend-doula and then the midwife. I was advised to rest until the contractions got stronger. We put on some music and relaxed. With in a hour the contractions were coming strong! My friend-doula came over and I labored in our tub and on my yoga ball. What helped me stay calm was making the different sounds I learned in class and my team (hubby and doula-friend) calming me, feeding me, making sure I was hydrated, and making sure I didn’t tense up. About four hours later I felt the urge to push. We called the midwife and headed to the hospital in between contractions.

As we arrived to the hospital I told them I wanted a water birth, but the nurse response was, “hunny you don’t have time for that.” When I was checked I was fully dilated and ready to push! Our midwife came in and joined “the team!” After four hours of active labor and four pushes, our beautiful baby boy was here!! Malachi Israel Mells was born on 19, 2014 weighing 6lbs, 13ounces and 21inches long at 9:15am!! Gwynne thank you again for your unforgettable Confident Childbirth lesson!!! 🙂

We can’t say Thank you enough!

Earl and Mihia M.