Week 22 Pregnancy: Baby Movement & More

Week 22 Pregnancy baby movement and more

You’ve now entered week 22 of your pregnancy, 20 weeks from conception.  Morning sickness has probably ended, and while you look pregnant, you’re still able to move around comfortably.  This is a great time in your pregnancy!

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Week 22 Pregnancy:  How big is your baby?

Slowly but surely, baby is growing!  Your little one now weighs about 12.5 – 13.5 ounces and is just over 11 inches long from head to heel (1).  Congratulations — your baby is about the length of a spaghetti squash (4)!

Week 22 pregnancy how big is baby

The top of your uterus has grown to rest almost an inch above your belly button.  Your fundal measurement is around 9 inches from the pubic symphysis to your belly button.

Week 22 pregnancy belly picture

Baby Movement

Your baby’s bone’s and muscles are well-developed at this point, and she is exercising them by frequently extending and flexing her arms and legs.  Baby’s movement is typically described as “flutters” at this point, and the more traditional “kicking” comes later in the pregnancy.  At around 24-28 weeks, your partner may be able to feel baby move too by placing a hand on your belly.  For now, enjoy those little butterfly flutters on your own!

At this point in the pregnancy, baby’s movement is erratic.  Don’t worry if you go for long stretches without feeling him move. Your baby’s activity level is affected by many factors, including sound, time of day, and your blood glucose levels.  After 28 weeks, your provider may encourage you to start doing kick counts or recording baby’s movement through a daily record.  But for now, just enjoy knowing that your little one is there without any pressure to track it!

Baby’s Development

Your baby has made some exciting developmental changes this week!

  • Baby’s eyes now move behind her closed eyelids
  • Tear ducts are forming
  • Baby starts responding to sudden loud sounds

Week 22 Pregnancy:  Symptoms

Back Pain

Baby’s weight gain might also be putting some strain on your lower back.  If back pain is a problem for you, consider visiting a qualified chiropractor.  Wear low-heeled shoes with good support.  Exercise and stretch to keep your core muscles strong and limber.  As your pregnancy continues, a maternity support belt might be in order.  These act like a gentle girdle to help support the weight of your uterus and take some pressure off your back.

Week 22 Pregnancy Back Pain Maternity Support Belt

Hot Flashes

Many women feel hot and sweaty during their pregnancy, even when others are cool as a cucumber.  Blame it on that little bun in the oven!  Fluctuating hormones like estrogen likely play a part, just as they do when hot flashes show up in menopause.  Additionally, your metabolism increases during pregnancy and you burn more calories than normal.  This calorie consumption generates heat (2).  Do your best to stay cool with loose, comfortable clothing and plenty of ice water!

Join us soon for information about week 23 of your pregnancy! And if you haven’t caught up on our weekly posts, back up and read about week 21 of pregnancy!

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You’ve now entered week 22 of your pregnancy, 20 weeks from conception.  Morning sickness has probably ended, and while you look pregnant, you’re still able to move around comfortably.  This