How to Get the Most From Natural Birthing Classes

Katie GriffinNatural Hospital Birth, Online Childbirth Classes for Natural Birth

how to get the most from natural birthing classes

Many couples aren’t sure what to expect from their first childbirth class. Although no class is exactly the same, here are 3 tips that are sure to help you get the most from your natural birthing classes:

1. Attend class with your birth partner.

One key to getting the most from natural birthing classes is to attend with your birth partner. If you’re taking a online natural childbirth class, this means setting aside the time to watch each class together.  We all know that natural birthing classes aim to prepare mom for a positive birth experience. But couples may not realize that classes also prepare mom’s birth partner to provide meaningful support for her during labor.  Partners learn a wide variety of physical and emotional support techniques.  These may include touch, massage, pressure techniques, and strategies to help mom if she’s losing her sense of confidence.

Another benefit of attending with your birth partner is that he or she will be able to hold you accountable for weekly or daily practice. Your partner can also observe your technique and give you instant feedback about your progress. Additionally, your partner will be familiar with the coping tools that you’ve been learning and will be ready to help reinforce them during labor.

2. Commit to practice regularly.

In order to get the most for your natural birthing class, commit to regular practice of the coping techniques you’ll learn in the class. Although childbirth is a positive, exciting experience, it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. Rarely do people revert to unfamiliar coping techniques in a time of stress. So, if you want to be able to relax like a rag doll or use a patterned breathing technique during a strong contraction, you’ve got to practice beforehand.

For example, in Kopa Birth® natural childbirth classes, couples are encouraged to practice the skill of deep relaxation for 20 minutes every day that they possibly can. This challenge to practice regularly starts on the day that you first learn the skill and only ends when baby is born. By practicing most days, mom will feel calm and confident in her ability to relax her muscles when the big day comes.

3. Have an open mind!

It’s fair to say that natural birthing classes can be a bit kooky or even slightly awkward at times. Between relaxation scripts that encourage your cervix to open like a blossoming flower and practicing low moans in a group full of strangers, you might start to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into! But stick it out and have an open mind! A high-quality childbirth class will teach a wide variety of coping tools for labor, and some of them may be a bit of a stretch for your comfort level. Although you might think, “I’d never act that way during labor!” or “There’s no way I’d be comfortable making noises like that,” you just might surprise yourself! To get the most from your natural birthing class, try to let go of your inhibitions and embrace the experience.

Natural birthing classes are an important step in your preparation for a positive, unmedicated birth. As you attend class with your birth partner, commit to practice, and have an open mind, you are setting yourself up for an amazing class experience. Enjoy!

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