Natural Childbirth Classes: Online vs. Local

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natural childbirth classes online vs local

Should you take an online or local natural childbirth class? If you have the desire to experience a natural birth, then natural childbirth classes are always a good idea.  The question now becomes whether to opt for an online class or a local, in person class.  Let’s compare and contrast both scenarios as you consider your options:

Social Dynamic in Natural Childbirth Classes

Local natural childbirth classes offer a sense of community as you mingle and learn with other expectant couples.  It’s encouraging to be among those who share the same goal of having a positive birth experience.  It’s often the highlight of the week to get out of the house and focus on something other than the discomforts of pregnancy.  Online natural childbirth classes provide a different type of “escape” during pregnancy.  While you might not leave your house, an online course gives you access to a private mentor any time of the day.  There’s nothing like slipping away to a quiet corner to enjoy a few minutes devoted to the subject of preparing for your new baby!

Class Format in Natural Childbirth Classes

A live class format enables the instructor to be more flexible and less scripted.  For example, the instructor can adjust to the needs of the class and answer questions that arise in the moment.  Some prefer this format over what can be a more scripted online course.  But search around and you’ll find online natural childbirth classes with engaging instructors who become virtual friends.  A good online instructor will ask follow-up questions and allow for self reflection and practice before moving on to the next subject.

Skill Mastery in Natural Childbirth Classes

Breathing techniques, comfort positions, and relaxation skills are often the focus of natural childbirth classes.  On the one hand, it’s extremely helpful to have the instant feedback and correction that a face-to-face class provides.  On the other hand, the accessibility of watching an online class over and over again is hard to beat.  Determine your own personal learning style; one that will set you up for success as you practice these skills outside of class.

Information Package in Natural Childbirth Classes

Local natural childbirth classes are ideal if you prefer the simplicity of just one instructor’s perspective and voice.  Many online courses utilize technology to collaborate with other professionals who contribute specialized content (such as diet, exercise, and postpartum subjects).  In short, an online course can provide a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to on-demand information.

The decision making process doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience; look at it as an opportunity to find a class format that best suits your personality and lifestyle. Once you make your choice, jump in feet first and start preparing for a fantastic birth experience!

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