5 Prenatal Yoga Classes In Pittsburgh, PA

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Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy. We created this list of the top 5 prenatal yoga classes in Pittsburgh, PA to help you find the perfect class for you!

We’ve created a list of the top five classes for prenatal yoga Pittsburgh has to offer. These classes have all been recommended to be included on this list. Use it as a springboard to find the best prenatal yoga class to fit your schedule and style

Here’s our list of top prenatal yoga classes in Pittsburgh, brought to you by Kopa Birth:

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Prenatal Yoga Pittsburgh PA

Shining Light Prenatal Education
Prenatal yoga classes will prepare you body, mind and spirit for birth. Unlike other yoga classes, this one it not just tailored for your pregnant body but it’s intentionally designed as preparation for labor.
Phone: 412-915-6167
Website: http://shininglightprenatal.com/
Address: 3929 McClure Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Schoolhouse Yoga
This class is designed to help expectant mothers safely tone and stretch, prepare mentally and physically for childbirth, get relief from some of the discomforts of pregnancy, and make a loving connection with their bodies and their babies.
Phone: (412) 401-4444
Website: https://www.schoolhouseyoga.com/
Address: 2215-2217 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

South Hills Power Yoga
Everything changes during pregnancy, and your yoga practice is no exception to this fact. But there is no reason to pack your mat away for nine months.
Phone: (724) 260-0011
Website: http://southhillspoweryoga.com/prenatal-yoga
Address: 4145 Washington Rd, McMurray, PA 15317

The Yoga Whole
This empowering class will combine strength training, flexibility and focus, it is safe for all levels of pregnancy. Work will be done to open the pelvis, strengthen the lower back and to build endurance for childbirth. Pranayama (breath work) helps to calm the mind and buoy the spirit.
Phone: (412) 892-8740
Website: http://theyogawhole.com/
Address: 360 Broadmoor Avenue, Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228

Yoga Innovations
Power Prenatal Yoga is designed to soothe away the discomforts of pregnancy with other moms-to-be in a supportive setting. This non-heated class provides both relaxation while building strength, flexibility, endurance.
Phone: (412) 851-9642
Website: http://yogainnovations.com/class-category/prenatal-friendly/
Address: 102 Broughton Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102

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