5 Natural Childbirth Classes In Pittsburgh, PA

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natural childbirth classes pittsburgh pa

Finding a high-quality natural childbirth class that fits your birth philosophy, coping style, and schedule is hard enough. We created this list of the top 5 natural childbirth classes in Pittsburgh to help make your choice a little easier.

We’ve created a list of five natural childbirth classes that will help you prepare for a natural childbirth in the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area. These classes have all been recommended to be included on this list. Each class presents a different curriculum, and will offer varied approaches to childbirth. Do your homework to find the best fit for your birth philosophy and coping style.

Here’s our list of top natural childbirth classes in Pittsburgh:

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Natural Childbirth Classes Pittsburgh PA

Birth Partners
Birth Partner’s Lamaze Childbirth Classes will help you feel informed, prepared, and confident as your big day approaches. It is a 6-class series with strong focus on pain management skills.
Phone: 412-833-8116
Website: http://www.birthpartnersinc.com/

Birthing From Within Classes
In this childbirth preparation series, five practical, playful, inspiring, and experiential classes will help you integrate mind, body and heart knowledge to prepare for your birth experience and your transition into parenthood. A personalized approach allows the time and space necessary for you to discover what YOU most need to know (and practice!) to be resourceful and confident in giving birth.
Email: bingabrooke@gmail.com

Bloom Birth Concierge
Boom Birth educators bring with them many years of experience and various certifications. All are current, or recently active, birth doulas in the Pittsburgh area, having served hundreds of families at every available birthing facility. They take our teachings seriously because we have seen firsthand the value of a well-informed family.
Phone: 412-330-1159
Website: http://www.bloombirthconcierge.com/

Blessed Arrivals
Bradley Natural Classes will help you prepare body mind soul as you learn important aspects of prenatal self care, focus on relaxation and gentle abdominal breathing, labor coaching tips for your partner, vital aspects of newborn care, breastfeeding and more.
Phone: 724-297-3221
Website: http://www.blessedarrivals.com/

Shining Light Prenatal Education
They teach Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices and believe that good, supportive, evidence based childbirth classes build up a woman’s (and her partner’s!) confidence such that she can draw on her own inner strength to give birth as she sees best.
Phone: 412-915-6167
Website: http://shininglightprenatal.com/

Do you have a recommendation of a natural childbirth class in Pittsburgh that should be included on this list? Please, tell us! Contact Kopa Birth® for possible inclusion on this list.

Kopa Birth’s online childbirth classes allow you to prepare for a natural childbirth in the comfort of your own home, 24/7. Enroll today in our free online childbirth class to learn more about preparing for natural childbirth.