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Updated on January 23rd, 2021 // by Katie Griffin

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Finding a great labor doula that fits your birth philosophy, personality and budget is hard enough. We created this list of the best doulas in Boston to help make your choice a little easier.

We’ve created a list of the very best labor doulas Boston, MA has to offer. These doulas have been recommended to be included on this list. Interview your doula and do your homework to find the best fit for your birth philosophy about pregnancy and childbirth.

Here’s our list of top doulas in Boston, brought to you by Kopa Birth®:

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Doulas Boston, MA

Jocelyn Albertson
Phone: (508)789-8511
Email: [email protected]

Candis Avalos
Phone: (623)824-6130

Rebekah Bronwyn Sheppard
Phone: (816)719-8747

Megan Brown
Phone: (508)982-8841
Email: [email protected]

Tara Campbell
Phone: (978)314-5533
Email: [email protected]

Julie Anne Carew
Phone: (617)997-5827

Dena Carmosino
Phone: (978)835-6357
Email: [email protected]

Ayesha Chatterjee
Phone: (617)368-0042

Annie Collyer
Phone: (603)502-2019

Marileia Costa 
Phone: (508)277-9921
Email: [email protected]

Trisha Coughlin
Phone: (978)501-5788

Nicki (Monica) Croghan
Phone: (617)686-8353

Maria Dolorico
Phone: (617)869-4310

Lori Frieling
Email: [email protected]

Meaghen Gaffney 
Phone: (781)878-1390
Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Greenberg 
Phone: (617)872-0780

Alissa Greenman-Rowe  
Phone: (857)891-7880
Email: [email protected]

Kerri Helton
Phone: (978)766-1134
Email: [email protected]

Sarah Hodin 
Phone: (617)759-2164
Email: [email protected]

Elana Kahn
Email: [email protected]

Erica Kershner
Phone: (201)923-8019

Ellie Lindenmayer
Phone: (978)380-0243
Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Lloyd Rogers
Phone: (978)475-6082

Heather Magill
Phone: (774)219-3635
Email: [email protected]

Leah McGowan
Phone: (413)522-0899

Phoebe Claire McKee
Phone: (508)332-0132
Email: [email protected]

Kirsten Newman
Email: [email protected]

Emma Orbach
Phone: (415)246-7430

Nina Palmer
Phone: (617)968-5590
Email: [email protected]

Vanessa Prohodski
Phone: (857)301-8979
Email: [email protected]

Erica Reilly
Phone: (781)582-9901
Email: [email protected]

Lily Shaffer
Phone: (781)249-5235

Stacey Stratton
Phone: (781)733-0142

Tuly van Prehn Duprat
Phone: (857)250-5448

Teresa Vittorioso-Fortin
Phone: (617)997-1063
Email: [email protected]

Meghan Warner
Phone: (781)639-6002
Email: [email protected]

Anna Wei
Phone: (508)330-1618

Sylva Yeghiayan
Phone: (781)771-1843

Krishyon Young 
Phone: (781)964-5626

Asal Hadassah Zar
Phone: (516)655-0751
Email: [email protected]

Do you have a recommendation of a Doula in Boston that should be included on this list? Please, tell us! Contact Kopa Birth® for possible inclusion on this list.

Kopa Birth’s online childbirth classes allow you to prepare for a natural childbirth in the comfort of your own home, 24/7. Enroll today in our free online childbirth class to learn more about preparing for natural childbirth. 

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I’m a registered nurse, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and the mother of 7. I help women realize their dream of a natural, intimate, and empowering hospital birth.

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Updated on January 23rd, 2021 // by Katie Griffin Finding a great labor doula that fits your birth philosophy, personality and budget is hard enough. We created this list of