“It helped us reach our goal of an unmedicated childbirth!”

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“We love your class and have learned so much!  Thank you for being a GREAT teacher!!!  It has been especially helpful for Joe because he has not read any books or websites or anything other than what I forward him from fitpregnancy.com or webmd.com….”

Written after the birth:

“I can not say enough super things about your class!!!  It helped us reach our goal of an unmedicated childbirth!  I never got a chance to let you know how well my delivery went and to also thank you for doing a wonderful job teaching us.  I could not have done it with out your class!  At 9PM my stomach was churning and I was having what I believed were stomach cramps.  At 9:45PM I started timing the “cramps” on my iPhone app because they seemed regular and my back was sort of achey now. The contractions were 3 minutes apart lasting about 45 seconds to a minute. At 10:15 I called my doula to see if she thought they were the  real deal because it was getting more difficult to stay relaxed and talk through contractions.  She suggested I call my doctor because I had tried to poop and discovered I had some bright red blood discharge. My OB was on call and suggested I come in because I was having issues talking through contractions. The contractions had not become closer together or longer.  We got in the car and I thought I was going to loose it because it was so uncomfortable.  My contractions were now 2 or 3 minutes apart (not regular at all) and still lasting 45 seconds. We get to Piedmont at 11pm and I can no longer stand.  I had to lean on the brick wall while an orderly got a wheel chair and [my husband] parked on the curb…yes yellow “do not park” curb.  I could not keep my eyes open and was doing some serious “he” blows.  Once we got to the L and D room a nurse  checked my dilation.  I was fully dilated and totally shocked that I was that far along since I really could half way stand the pressure and discomfort of the contractions.  My Dr came in and asked if I wanted my water broken and I agreed since he bag was bulging and they would let me push. They broke my water and the doula arrived just as they were cleaning that up. I asked to start pushing on hands and knees position and they were fine with that. I pushed for an hour that way but had little progress. So my Dr wanted me to lie on my back (ouch) and bring my knees toward my chest as I pushed. That was more effective and my sweet baby boy was born at 1:04AM.  Talk about a quick labor!  If I had stayed home any longer I would have had a home birth!  He was a whopping 9lbs 2oz.

We can’t thank you enough!!  Both Joe and I benefited from the class and we are so thankful you helped us meet our goal!”  Amanda