The Best Natural Childbirth Articles: A Roundup

The Best Natural Childbirth Articles - A Roundup

Are you interested in the idea of a natural childbirth, but are still hoping to wrap your mind around WHY you would want to experience birth without medication? Well then, take some time to browse our collection of the best natural childbirth articles gathered from around the internet. We hope these resources will inform you, empower you, and stoke your confidence in your ability to have a natural birth!

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16 Powerful Natural Childbirth Articles:

1. The Ultimate Natural Birth Guide For Moms

The Ultimate Natural Birth Guide for Moms- Discover 182 Sites About Mom Blogging, Newborn Photographers, Prenatal Massage and More

With over 180 powerful resources, this natural childbirth article offers a detailed list of everything you need to know to help prepare you through pregnancy, childbirth, and self-care.  Topics range from prenatal massage, doulas, and birth stories, to cord blood banking, cloth diapers, and emotional health.

2. 25 Ways to Prepare for Labor (Physically and Mentally)

Enjoy this 2-part article highlight 25 ways you can prepare your mind and body for childbirth.  It includes an explanation of why the suggested tool can be helpful, as well as a “How To” section where each tool is described in more detail.  Learn more about techniques involving breathing, movement, and body awareness.

3. Why Natural Childbirth?

Many first time moms ask for help answering the question “Why natural childbirth?”  This article will help you understand the simple story of normal, natural birth.  It’s written from the perspective of author and Lamaze Program Co-Director, Dr. Judith Lothian.

4. Top Natural Childbirth Benefits for Babies & Parents

While the perk of an epidural is obvious — pain relief — it’s often harder to quantify the value of going natural.  This article highlights a few of the exciting, evidence-based benefits of natural birth.

Top Natural Childbirth Benefits for Babies and Parents

5. Natural Birth Plan: What You Need to Know About Writing One

A birth plan is a great tool to help mothers become involved with the decision-making during pregnancy and birth.  This natural childbirth article helps cover any questions you may have about creating one.

6. The Four Stages of Labor and How To Deal with Them

Knowing the different stages of labor can help you understand how to prepare for the birth of your baby.  Read all about it!

7. Lamaze for Parents

Movement enhances comfort.  This natural childbirth article describes 11 positions to keep your body moving through your stages of labor.

8. My 6 Natural Childbirth Experiences (& 1 Epidural)

My 5 Natural Childbirth Experiences (& 1 Epidural)

Join Katie Griffin, a registered nurse & mother of 7, as she shares the details of each of her natural births.  From epidural to unmedicated induction, Katie has experienced it all.  Read the raw, unedited birth stories, complete with pictures!

9. Alternative Relaxation Techniques to Relieve Labor Pains

Preparation, knowledge, and relaxation are vital aspects of a positive birth experience.  These relaxation techniques incorporate all of your senses to help you focus your energy through the stages of labor.

10. 5 Ways to Ease Labor Pains

Childbirth can be a rollercoaster of intensity, but being prepared can help you stay in control.  Here are 5 tips that can give you relief when labor starts progressing.

11. Natural Birth Options & Tips

Filled with tips, advice, studies, and strategies, you learn through the experience of a doula-trained mother on what to expect with a natural birth.  Knowledge is power, and this natural childbirth article can help you gain that strength to achieve a wonderful birth.


12. How to Prepare for a Natural Hospital Birth

Many of us wonder, “Is a natural, unmedicated birth at a hospital even possible?”  Yes, it is!  Here are strategies you can implement to increase your chances of having a natural birth in the hospital.

Natural Childbirth Articles natural-hospital-birth-PIN-

13. 8 Things to Do Now to Help Make Your Natural Birth Goal Happen

Your unmedicated birth goal can be accomplished by being prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally.  This article can get you started on the right track!

14. 10 Tips for a Manageable Drug-Free Childbirth

A mom-of-two and certified personal trainer describes her experiences and shares 10 great ideas to get you ready for childbirth that can help you achieve an unmedicated birth.

Natural Childbirth Articles manageable-drug-free-childbirth-2 copy

15. 45 Natural Pain Relief Methods for Labor & Childbirth

Each childbirth experience is unique, but these tried and true natural methods have helped many women in their time of need.

16. 110 Positive Natural Birth Stories

Confidence creates courage and this collection of positive natural childbirth experiences will do just that.  These stories will motivate, empower, and prepare you for your own personal birth journey.

Natural Childbirth Articles 110-birth-stories-PIN-1

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Meet Katie Griffin

I’m a registered nurse, Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and the mother of 7. I help women realize their dream of a natural, intimate, and empowering hospital birth.

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Are you interested in the idea of a natural childbirth, but are still hoping to wrap your mind around WHY you would want to experience birth without medication? Well then,